I came to Crutchfield fresh out of college in 2009 with a major in Business Administration. I've always been the person that has to have the "latest and greatest" gear, so it simply made sense for me to begin my career here.

Music is something that means a lot to me. I have a very eclectic taste, and tend not to favor any specific genres, if I like it, I listen to it. Anything from Classic Rock and Country to Instrumental and Jazz, I can enjoy it all. I personally have Samsung TV's throughout my home with an Onkyo receiver in the living area, along with a Pioneer Navigation in my truck with Sound Ordnance speakers and a Bazooka Tube tucked nicely under my back seat. I shoot with a Canon T3i camera, anything from landscape shots to pictures of my son, it simply does what I need and delivers great results.

My personalization here at Crutchfield is in Hi-Fi 2.0. I enjoy helping other audio-gurus pick out the best gear for their specific musical taste. I'm also well versed in anything from a dual room home audio system to a simple upgrade to your factory sound system in your vehicle, I'm sure I can help you find the gear you need. If you're in the market for headphones, with my eclectic taste in music and knowledge and hands on experience with the many models we carry, I can certainly help select the right headphones for you. I interact with our customers via email, chat, online forums or by phone so there are several ways I can help you.

Away from Crutchfield, my wife I can usually be found perusing local antique shops, flea markets and thrift shops to fill our passion for nostalgic and collectible items. I have anything from my own personal Crane Machine, a National Cash Register to an antique Gaytone portable transistor radio (which works well). I simply love the stories that can be shared by vintage gear. My true passion however is vintage advertising signs and stamp/coin collecting.

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Larry wrote on May 30
Mike did an exceptional job outfitting my Tahoe with a new head unit, amp and speakers. He is most knowledgeable and very courteous. I had the unfortunate experience of using a local stereo installation store to replace my factory speakers with four Polks. All failed due to the store not matching up the speakers with the factory radio. Little did I know. So now, I've decided on a completely new system and Crutchfield always has fantastic service and excellent research on what works best in your vehicle.

Ben K wrote on February 13
I spoke with Mike the other day and I am writing this, as I really appreciated his approach to my transaction. Great hire Bill!

Ali wrote on December 11
Mike, unlike most advisors, provided me clear cut answers and preferences based on my taste. In the end, I am sold on the idea of buying my stuff from Crutchfield.

Terry Clark wrote on September 15
Mike - thank you for your patience and humor today when helping my husband and myself pair my phone to our stereo. I'm thrilled with the product we purchased from Crutchfield, and you are definately an asset to your company!!

Bob wrote on September 15
I bought my Wife a Clarion CX501 to replace the OEM unit that died in her 2010 Toyota RAV4. The CX501 was one of only two Double-DIN units available for her rig that had all the features she wanted and since both units had similar specs, we chose the Clarion simply because it's front panel controls were symmetrically and logically more uniform in their placement. Anyway it was a great choice, REALLY woke up the factory speakers and all the desired features now work as they should thanks to Mike. One of the things my Wife liked about this stereo was the hands free cell phone feature but Clarion's web site doesn't list it (LG Script 265) as one that works. She gave it a try anyway using both available methods, have the phone find the stereo or stereo find the phone, but with no success. So I gave Crutchfield tech support a call at her request. With ever changing technology, all the stereos they offer and slew of Bluetooth devices out there they can't possibly keep a data base of it all but Mike was willing to give it a swing. I don't use the stereo or the phone in question so it was time to grab "the Wife". Still in her bathrobe we headed out to the rig portable land line and cell phones in hand. Mike had the LG Script manual downloaded and was homed in on the Bluetooth pairing section ready to go. As we got in the car a sun visor mounted hands free Bluetooth device that the phone was successfully paired to started bragging about how great the signal strength was and all that junk. I thought it worth mentioning to Mike and did, that's when everything clicked! Mike said the phone was only capable of one active pairing at a time and that the sun visor unit would need to be powered off before continuing. It all made perfect sense from there on as all the times my Wife had tried the same procedure Mike walked us through, the thing had been on. Anyway, it all went smoothly, quickly and bingo it was successfully done. Just to make sure it worked as advertised Mike offered to grab another line and give the LG Script a call. The Clarion CX501 picked up the call and we were conference chatting with perfect sound quality on both sides of the connection. I never thought a cell call through an in car stereo would be so cool but it was! I certainly won't miss that overly talkative sun visor hands free piece either!! Kudos to Mike for his professionalism, patience, assistance and great sense of humor!!! This isn't the first stereo I've purchased from Crutchfield and certainly will not be the last; I'm seriously considering getting this same unit for my car. Aside from all the great stuff they include to make the installs simple, their tech support folks are great, these two facts combined with their great selection and pricing is what keeps me coming back as a very satisfied customer!!! Thanks again Mike! All My Best . . . Bob

Jacob wrote on September 10
Mike has been the biggest amount of help I have ever received from anywhere. He guided through the steps that I need to get my sub woofers and amp working properly as well as providing diagrams and equipment he recommended. He made everything clear and easy to understand and I can&'t thank him enough a 5* rating from me. Thanks Mike

Josh wrote on October 21
Mike spent 2 hours and 11 minutes on the phone with me helping me dismantle the inside of a used vehicle I bought, trying to find out why my radio wasn't playing. It turned out to be that there were multiple stereo components hidden that were not allowing my radio to work properly. If it weren't for Mike's patience and support I would still be driving around with my iPod headphones in my ears. Couldn't have asked for better service!

Dale Cowger wrote on July 29
Mike helped me with two install questions today and helped determine that a part I had received was packaged wrong. He provided an immediate solution to the install and promptly sent me a replacement part. Excellent service. Thanks.


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TEAC LS-H255 - Bookshelf speakers

Monster Turbine™ - Portable earbud headphones

Pioneer AVIC-U310BT - Navigation receiver

Canon PowerShot A2200 - 14.1-megapixel digital camera with 4X optical zoom

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Kit - 12.2-megapixel digital SLR camera with 18-55mm lens & HD movie mode

Samsung PN51D550 - 51" 1080p 3D plasma HDTV

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