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My love of music and photography has been such a huge influence in my life, it's only fitting that I've landed in my hometown of Charlottesville as a Sales Advisor for Crutchfield!

From an early age I was fascinated by electronics, often deconstructing to see how the machines work. It wasn't long before music became my focus; by my "formative" years I traveled to see live shows anywhere within a few hundred miles. I attended concerts by the Grateful Dead, The Talking Heads, AC/DC, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, The Stray Cats, The Kinks, The Ramones, Judas Priest, The Allman Brothers, the Richmond bands that would later form Gwar. and the list goes on! I couldn't get enough live music, it was a fabulous way to experience and appreciate different genres. Eventually I became involved in the music industry, from merchandising to booking bands at one of the best Bluegrass venues in Asheville, NC to producing a private festival. I also gained an appreciation of quality sound. something for which I strive in my car and home audio systems, and that I love to help customers achieve for themselves.

I am here to help with audio, video, and any other electronic needs. Give me a call, if I'm not here, I'm probably out kayaking, hiking, or cycling!

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My credentials

  • Crutchfield Advisor since 2014
In-house product training
  • 13 weeks of classroom and hands-on installation training before taking calls
  • Ongoing training on new products and technologies