HD Radio®, it's time to upgrade!

Discover how good radio can sound.

HD Radio™ technology lets stations transmit a higher-quality digital version of their regular AM/FM broadcasts. With HD Radio, you'll get:

  • Better sound quality: FM approaches CD-quality sound, and AM sounds as good as regular FM.
  • Static-free reception: No crackle, no hiss.
  • More listening options: A multicast-compatible HD Radio receiver lets you pull in extra channels that regular radios can't get.
  • Free programming: No monthly charges.
  • iTunes® tagging: "tag" a song you hear on an HD Radio station, and you'll be prompted to buy it from the iTunes® store the next time you connect your iPod® to the computer.

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We were one of the first retailers to offer HD Radio products, and our Advisors and Techs are ready to help you choose and use your HD Radio gear. And if you're planning an installation, our toll-free Tech Support is available to our customers seven days a week.

Free installation gear

With most of our HD Radio-capable car stereos, we offer free installation gear to help make hooking it up easy. Many other retailers charge for these items so, depending on your vehicle, you can save an average of $37, when you buy your stereo from Crutchfield.