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Instructions help you save money

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In addition to the free installation accessories you receive when you purchase from Crutchfield you also get one of our exclusive Crutchfield MasterSheets. Our Research and Development staff has created detailed, illustrated instructions for most vehicles on the road today. You get a MasterSheet made specifically for your vehicle FREE when you purchase an in-dash stereo or speakers for your automobile. Your MasterSheet will be attached to your shipping confirmation email.

With a MasterSheets you'll have the knowledge you need so you can avoid costly installation fees. You can download sample pages from a real Crutchfield MasterSheet for a Ford Mustang using the link on the right of the page.

Complete Custom Instructions

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From start to finish, Crutchfield MasterSheets contain all of the information you need to properly install your new car audio products. Because they're specific to your vehicle, MasterSheets are much more helpful then generic installation instructions.

Know the tools you need

Know the tools you need

Every Crutchfield MasterSheet includes a detailed checklist of exactly what tools you need for every step of the installation of your new car audio products. You'll save time by knowing details like the exact size ratchet sockets you need for a specific step.

Step-by-step instructions

Know the tools you need

MasterSheets include step-by-step instructions for every stage of installation of your new in-dash stereo or speakers. Whether you have a coupe, a sedan, or a hatchback, you'll know the specific steps needed to get you up and running quickly and correctly.

Detailed Pictures

Detailed pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. You'll find detailed pictures and diagrams in your Crutchfield MasterSheet showing the relevant parts and procedures to help you do the job right.


I actually had a guy stop by and offer to help when he saw me installing my new car stereo. I declined his offer. Little did he know that with Crutchfield instructions, this girl could install a stereo and speakers just fine.

– Limary, California

Sample MasterSheet

View Sample MasterSheet

View Sample MasterSheet