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Better home audio, Tip #9: Upgrade your speaker wire

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One simple way to improve the sound of your home audio system is to upgrade your cables. Higher quality speaker cables can transfer the signal from receiver to speakers with greater integrity, so more of your music's detail comes through.

And this isn't a change that only happens if you switch to top-of-the-line cables, either. Sometimes just getting a modestly-priced cable that uses purer metals and better quality construction can make a dramatic difference in your system's sound.

Tip #9: Try better speaker wire - a logical first step in upgrading your audio connections. 
Most speakers don't come with any wire, so you'll need to get some kind of speaker wire to connect them to your receiver or amplifier. We've heard enough demos over the years to know that speaker wire can have a noticeable impact on the sound of your system. The higher the quality of your speakers, the more they'll benefit from high-quality cables. Things to consider when shopping for speaker cables include gauge (thickness), length, construction, and connector type. For an expert recommendation, check with one of our Advisors - you can call them at 1-888-955-6000. Learn more about choosing speaker wire.

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This post is based on the article "15 Tips for Better Sound from your Home System" by the Crutchfield Writing Team.

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