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Follow the Lines

A Crutchfield Camera Club Challenge

The current theme was titled "Follow the Lines." One of the ways a photographer can engage the viewer is to have lines that lead the eye to a specific part of the image. It can be to suggest a sense of motion, or to force the eye to halt as it moves across the photo.

But what exactly that term meant (and how best to photograph it) was something each member of the Crutchfield Camera Club had to decide individually. As you can see, even when lines are literally in the shot, they're not often used in the most obvious fashion.

Below are four of the images that the Club felt best fulfilled the assignment. What do you think? You can view the entire gallery at Follow the Lines.

Beach - Jim Ralston
Lines - J. Stoll
Road - Ralph Graves
Overlook - Ann Marrs

The Crutchfield Camera Club is made up of employees with varying degrees of photographic equipment and experience. Yet they all share the same passion for the art of photography.

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