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What Are Home Kits?

To play your Dock & Play satellite radio over your home stereo system, you'll need to make sure you have a home kit. Some Dock & Play satellite radios include a home kit, while others offer a home kit as an optional accessory.

Home kits

Home kits let you play your Dock & Play satellite radio over your home stereo.

Home kits usually include:

  • A desktop cradle. Also called a docking station, the radio sits in the cradle on a table top, or on your component rack. You make all the power and signal connections here.
  • An AC power adapter. The power adapter plugs into the cradle at one end, and into a wall outlet at the other.
  • An antenna. The antenna receives the satellite signal, and plugs into the cradle. You'll want to place the antenna in a spot where it receives the strongest possible satellite signal. Dock & Play radios usually have signal strength meters and an antenna aiming feature that can help you put it in just the right spot.
  • An audio cable. The audio cable, usually a minijack-to-RCA patch cable, runs from the back of the cradle to your stereo system (receiver or shelf system, which should have an RCA input that's not in use).
  • A remote control. Some home kits include a remote control so you can change satellite radio stations from across the room.
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