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Video: Polk Audio SurroundBar®

In this short video, Crutchfield home theater experts highlight the coolest features of the Polk Audio SurroundBar®.

Julie: Hi, I'm Julie, this is JR, and this is Ralph, and we're here to tell you about the Polk Audio Surround Bar and three things that we like best about it. Now... I like the Polk Audio Surround Bar because it does not have an amplifier built-in, just speakers. And I think that's useful because if you have just upgraded to a new flat-panel TV, but you already have a home theater receiver, you don't need your sound bar to have an amp built in, you just need speakers. And that's actually why I suggested my mom buy one.

JR: Right on. This is basically five separate home theater speakers in one chassis, and, so it's very easy to hook up to a receiver. There's color-coded connections on the back. Polk provides this nice, very long cable with color-coded wires on the inside that connect to the color-coded connectors on the back of most receivers. I mean, it's pretty simple.

Ralph: Yeah. And what I like best about is that, it's a, well, it's Polk Audio. They do a great job of building speakers that can get outstanding audio sound into spaces that are less than ideal. So, if you don't have room for five individual speakers...

Julie: Right.

Ralph: ...this is an excellent option.

JR: Right on.

Ralph: And that is three things that we like about the Polk Audio Surround Bar.

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