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Three ways to connect your receiver's wiring harness

Be sure your connections are solid

Vehicle wiring harness

The first step to installing a new car stereo is connecting the receiver's harness to the harness that will plug into your car. Making long-lasting connections is of the utmost importance. By using one of the methods illustrated below, you can be sure that your connections will last for years to come—and that your new in-dash receiver will work properly.

Method 1: Soldering

Soldering makes the most solid connection; heat shrink tubing protects and insulates that connection. The task always starts with a wire stripper for removing insulation from the wire ends.

Method 2: Posi-Products connectors

Posi-Products™ connectors are easy to attach and stay firmly in place.

Method 3: Crimping

Crimping can create a reasonably solid connection. You'll need a crimping tool and crimp caps. The only potential drawback: if the caps aren't crimped tight enough, they can shake loose.

Install it like a pro

Facing those two bunches of wires can be intimidating, especially if this is your first installation. But the task really isn't that hard if you take your time and make your connections with care, one wire at a time. Before you know it, you'll have your new stereo installed and ready to rock.

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