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Video: Canon VIXIA HF G10 camcorder


Jon, our cameraman and video editor, reviews the new Canon VIXIA HF G10 and explains why the image sensor on this high-definition camcorder is so special.


I got to take the G10 home over the weekend and run it through its paces. And this is a great camcorder for someone who wants to make their home movies look pristine. It's got great image quality and it's really easy to use.

So this camera has fewer megapixels on its sensor than a lot of other HD camcorders, but that's the good thing because the pixels on this sensor are a little bit larger that other sensors. And since the sensor has those nice beefy pixels, they each let in a ton of light and that equates to high quality low-light shooting. So when I took this camera out to videotape my son at sunset, I could see that the image was still super sharp and there was no distortion even though I had little light to work with.

One other great thing is that you can touch the screen and lock onto the person who you want to stay in focus, and the camera will automatically shift the focus around and make sure that person always stays in focus. And that's great when you're filming a little boy like this, and he's always a body in motion. So if you have any questions about this camcorder or any of the other camcorders we carry feel free to give us a call.

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