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Video: Polk Audio N1 sound bar

Today's video games are designed for realistic sound effects meant to immerse you in the experience. The Polk Audio N1 SurroundBar is the first sound bar designed specifically to give Xbox gamers powerful sound that no TV's speakers could possibly re-create.

Logan: Here at CES 2014, I've got Jim Marshall from Polk Audio here to tell us about their new N1 gaming sound bar.

Jim: While we market this bar as a gaming sound bar, it is not exclusive to that. It has connections so that you can hook it up to any type of audio device as well as a Bluetooth-enabled device so it doesn't need to be limited to just that. It also can be hooked up to a subwoofer if you would like to have more bass than the product has on its own. Of course Polk has a fine line of subwoofers as well.

Things that make this product unique in the marketplace, because of our relationship that we developed with Microsoft with our SurroundBar 5000 product last year, we were able to get introductions to the engineers that developed the soundtracks for both the Forza and the Halo video games, two of the most popular video games on the market. Because of that relationship we developed four different modes in this bar.

One of them is a Halo mode, which is designed specifically for that game but would work fine for any first person shooter type game. Then there's the Forza mode which is created for car/driver type games but of course would work great for any other game like that as well.

There's a home theater mode and a music mode. When you change modes on the bar you get a visual validation that you've done that. When you hit that you'll notice the lights flash so the user knows that what they wanted to do actually happened. When I hit the Halo mode it's gonna give us a red LED flash. When I hit the home theater mode it's gonna give us that lavender color. So if you're looking for a sound bar for gaming or for home theater use or to play your Bluetooth enabled device please check out the N1 from Polk Audio.

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