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Video: Monster Pro Turbine Gold headphones


The Monster Pro Turbine Gold are high-performance earbud headphones that block out external noise so you can hear every note.


I had the chance this weekend to try Monster's Turbine Pro Gold headphones and I was really impressed with the sound quality. I listened to a little country, a little rock, and a little classical music as well. And really what came across to me was that I could hear everything in my music. So from really clear vocals to kind of warm, rich guitar notes everything came through.

And these also come with five different sets of ear buds so you can make sure you get a really snug fit in your ear. And that's great because it allows you to isolate outside sounds. For me I was listening at work so it was great to be able to block everything else out and just concentrate on my music and what I was working on.

If you want more information go to crutchfield.com/MonsterProGold. If you buy from Crutchfield you'll get technical support for as long as you own your headphones. And if you want advice on buying headphones you can always give us a call, e-mail us, or chat with us online.

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