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Video: AudioQuest In-wall Speaker Cable

Learn about AudioQuest's FLX series of in-wall speaker cable in this short Crutchfield video.

Dave: AudioQuest has a reputation for designing and building high-quality cables and their FLX series is no exception. They sound good and they're extra rugged. They make a good choice for in-wall use or outdoor speaker systems.

Steve: And like any in-wall cable, these are CL3 rated, which means that they meet certain safety standards. And they also have a really smooth outer jacket which makes them a lot easier to pull through wall studs.

Dave: And the most rugged of the FLX series can actually be buried right in the ground, and that's great if you have a broad listening area and have to run wire across your yard to outdoor speakers.

Steve: When you're installing cables in these sorts of difficult-to-access locations, you definitely don't want to have to go back in and replace the wire every couple of years. So you want really durable cable like this that also has the kind of performance that you're going to be happy with for a long time.

Dave: AudioQuest applies the same technology from their other high-quality cables to their in-wall and outdoor speaker wires. They focus closely on the quality of materials used including ultra-high-purity copper. And they pay close attention to just how those wires are arranged and wrapped inside of the cable.

Steve: Yeah. And AudioQuest uses fewer and larger copper strands than other cables that you might have seen. And all these design details contribute to minimizing the potential sources of distortion. AudioQuest FLX cable comes in both 2- and 4-conductor varieties.

Dave: Right. And the 4-conductor version lets you run just one cable from your amp or receiver to a pair of speakers or an in-wall volume control. Of course that gives you the added advantage of having only one cable to pull.

Steve: Oh yeah. And it also comes in both 16 and 14 gauge versions. The thicker 14 gauge is best for longer runs or for higher powered systems.

Dave: For more information on installing in-wall or outdoor cables visit crutchfield.com/inwallwiring.

Steve: And for more details on AudioQuest in-wall cables visit crutchfield.com/AQinwall.

Dave: Or just give us a call for more help choosing wire and planning your system.

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