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Maxell VP-200

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Overview: The Maxell VP-200 is a wet-type VHS head cleaner tape. It can be used for VCRs and camcorders that use the VHS format. One cleaning takes approximately 25-30 seconds, and provides effective cleaning of the entire tape path. Cleaning the video heads restores lost performance and can prolong the life of the camcorder or VCR by removing harmful deposits.

Usage: Before inserting the tape, three drops of the CL-2 Tape Head Cleaning Solution (containing isopropyl alcohol) should be applied to the tape through the hole provided. The VCR should "play" the tape for approximately 25-30 seconds.

Expected Usage: Video heads should be cleaned after approximately every 20 hours of use. This VHS head cleaner cassette can be used up to 100 times. The tape label provides 100 check boxes to indicate the number of times the head cleaner has been used.

Note: You should allow 15 minutes for the solution to dry before inserting a tape into the VCR or camcorder.

  • Maxell VP-200

    Wet-type head cleaner for VHS VCRs


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