Crutchfield logo and usage guidelines

The Crutchfield logo

A logo plays an essential role in representing a business. The Crutchfield logo is our company’s single most important and recognizable visual element. As such, it is an extremely valuable asset.

The logo’s iconic qualities and visual strength can only be preserved when it is used consistently everywhere it appears, by everyone within the organization and by our community and vendor partners.

Before using the artwork,
please review the
Crutchfield Brand Style Guide
Before downloading artwork,
please review these
Usage Requirements

Please select an available color scheme that will be most effective in your visual presentation.

Please respect the border space required around the logo (margin).
Colors can not be altered.

Prior to publication, all presentations must be sent for approval to:
Please submit these either as a JPG or Adobe PDF file.

If there are other file formats or colors needed, or if you feel that one of these logos isn’t working well in your context (readability issues, scale issues, etc.), please e-mail and we can customize a logo for you.

If you need any assistance or have questions about using our logo, please e-mail

This version is for white, light or medium-toned backgrounds:

Crutchfield Logo - black

Right-click and choose "Save Image As..."
(Please do NOT scale this logo)
- or -
Click here to download scaleable EPS file

This version is for dark or black backgrounds:

Crutchfield Logo - white

Right-click and choose "Save Image As..."
(Please do NOT scale this logo)
- or -
Click to download scaleable EPS file