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Hi, I'm Chris. I've been through many stages with car and home A/V. As a teenager, I put huge home speaker cabinets in the back of my parent's vehicle - yeah, not a good idea. Next, I graduated to a "real system", which consisted of as many car speakers, subwoofers, and amps as I could find from buddies, yard sales, and the like. It was not pleasant to be at the traffic light beside me. At one point, I had four MTX 15" woofers in an Isuzu Trooper. The teachers cringed as I made every lap around the school morning and afternoon. Eventually I did grow out of that and have put together a couple of systems that I can look back on and be proud of rather than embarrassed.

My next cycle was very similar but in my room at my parents house. I remember applying for credit at a local store to purchase my first surround sound receiver. It was not only my first attempt with home A/V but also, my first credit application. I remember as if it were yesterday, the anxiety I felt standing there waiting for the credit decision. Grinning ear to ear, I left the store shortly after carrying that receiver. Not long after, just like in the car, I had anything and everything plugged into the back of that receiver. Like a cat, it must have nine lives because 17 years later, that thing is still working and drives a pair of speakers in my step-son's bedroom.

I could go on and on about the other trials I've had in most every other electronics category we sell but I'll spare you. It's been a fun ride though, and thanks to the past decade here at Crutchfield, I do it the right way now and I can certainly help you do the same.

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Terrym wrote on February 1
I had problems configuring a network receiver, amp and speaker switch. He guided me through the matter with great patience and technical knowledge. Thanks - Great Job

Ken wrote on June 10
Chris thanks for all your system recommendations. Speakers are in (btw, those Polk DXi690s dropped right into the rear deck w/no clearance problems as you thought) and sound great... and you got me a deal! Nice! Please pass onto Dustin: thanks for installation help. All smooth once I got tips from a fellow Honda 2007 owner w/same experience.

Kevin McGeorge wrote on August 11
Excellent service...knew exactly what was wrong and told me exactly how to fix it...thank you very much!!


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