I have always been amazed by and interested in electronics. How they work, how they interact with each other, and how they can make everyday life more enjoyable. I even have a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems. I love the simplicity of the Logitech Harmony remotes (own an 890 model myself). It is by far the easiest to program remote I have ever found. When I got my first one, it actually controlled my cable box which no other remote had done properly before. I use it with my Toshiba TV while listening to the audio through a Denon receiver and Infinity speakers that totally rock when I watch a movie, regular TV, and let's not forget music. All the sound modes help me get a good sound even if the channel is stereo.

The other big area of use for electronics in my life is with my Miniature Pincher. I take a lot of photos of with my Canon camera and upload them to Facebook so my friends stay update-to-date with her adventures. I have plans on upgrading to a DLSR camera with a faster operating speed to capture the pictures I sometimes miss with my current camera. Also, I plan on building a media server for my home network so I can use the Sonos equipment to have music in every room of my home and an easier way to store all my pictures and videos to stream to my TV. I find it a bit cumbersome to use a USB thumb drive and having to changing the content on them to connect to my current system.

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Steve wrote on December 11
Paul is incredible, and efficient as all get out. I ordered my new Plasma set on Friday. Because of the time of day, Paul advised the set probably wouldn't ship until Monday. I told Paul it was no problem as I wasn't in a hurry. Lo and behold, on Monday I get a voicemail message from UPS saying I need to call and arrange for delivery. It wasn't even supposed to ship until today, and yet it's here. Absolutely amazing. I'm not even ready for it yet. I still need to re-arrange things in my family room for transfer of the existing flat panel into the bedroom and set-up for the new TV. I worked it out to receive the set on Friday. What can I say? Fantastic service. This was on top of a killer deal for a Plasma set and free Onkyo Receiver. If the TV is half as good as Paul's service I'll be a happy camper.

Happy Shopper wrote on November 10
Paul was beyond helpful. I told him what was important to me in a car stereo, was impressed when he addressed ALL those points in regards to the radio I was looking at., showing how it would meet my needs. Wow, a sales person who listens not just sells. I just may get some speakers now too!

Vickster wrote on May 9
Thanks for helping me today with my order, Paul. Very helpful, knowledgable and polite guy.

Chris wrote on January 25
Paul was extremely helpful and very friendly. I had shipped my order to the wrong address, and Paul and I had it figured out in minutes. Thanks!

Dianne wrote on December 9
Paul certainly went above and beyond in assisting me with the purchase of an ipod and accessories for vehicle and home use. He should be commended for his patience, knowledge and time spent in assuring the products were exactly what was needed. Thank you again, Crutchfield, for another merry holiday.

Ryan wrote on April 30
Really helpful and you could tell he knows what he is talking about! Thanks Paul

Chuck wrote on February 5
Paul is the best in the business! I was searching for a head unit to replace my OEM unit in my Ford F-150 truck. I knew the features I thought I wanted, but the choices were a bit overwhelming. Paul patiently walked me through a qualifying process that was the best experience I have ever had. He put me on to a Kenwood KT945U and I'm in car audio heaven! I've still got more to do in my truck (Speakers, amp, etc). I'll buy from Crutchfield and it will be Paul that I deal with!!

Brandon wrote on May 19
Paul was very helpful in getting me the price adjustment that was promised to me by another associate that had left for the day. Pual was very understanding, picked up right where I left off, just like he had been my adviser from the beginning. He helped me finalize my order and sought to get it to me almost two days earlier than expected. After he knew I received my HK 3490, no more than about 4 days after I had a hand written thank you note. I am not sure if everyone does that, but it sure surprised me, and made what was a bad day, very great. He's a big help, and I would recommend highly.

Ben Giese wrote on October 22
I just want to thank Paul for how helpful he was in installing my new Dual video receiver. He explained to me everything that needed to be done very clearly over the phone to get the video working properly and fix problems that I encountered after i initially installed it. I probably called Paul at least three times and he was extremely helpful every time. As always, I am extremely satisfied as I was with all of Crutchfield's advisors. A+++


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