Like the majority of my coworkers, I've been into electronics ever since I can remember. Whether it was taking apart my older brother's remote control cars without his consent or piecing together Heath electronic hobby kits, I was addicted to knowing how things worked. I was a fan of all of the classic how-to shows that were on PBS in the early 80's.

My addiction to A/V was solidified when ColecoVision and the Atari 2600 came into my life. All that gaming goodness displayed in all of its glory on a 12" black and white TV. Those were the good old days--NOT. I would much rather play on a high-def TV with surround sound.

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Jon V. wrote on November 8
Ozzy was very informative when I purchased my MTX speakers for my altima. Very happy with my purchase. He is very knowledgeable about car audio. Will call him up again if I have any other questions.

Aaron wrote on February 27
Ozzy is the man! I only had a vague idea of what I wanted for my car stereo and Ozzy took the time to help me find the right product. I went with his recommendation and it has been great. In addition, I was not that confident that I could do everything myself but after Ozzy walked me through some of the basics and recommended some accessories to help me, it was a piece of cake. Shout out as well to the tech support specialist that helped me with the harness wiring. Just a qck question but answered thoroughly and politely. Thanks!

David wrote on September 5
Thanks Ozzy. The recommendations you made on the auto stereo and speakers worked out great. The wife is very happy with her upgraded audio system. Thanks again for the expert advice on out what is on sale, what will sound good together and what will not for her car.

John B wrote on November 25
Ozzy has helped me on several complicated orders, two of which required required almost perfect product knowledge, particularly in the case of Sirius radio after market products for home and auto. In all cases, Ozzy was like your good friend who knew everything, knew what you needed, could advise you about the difference in product selection, and who could save you money on top of that. Ozzy is everything a product advisor should be, professional, knowledgeable, prompt and completely helpful. Additionally, I referred a friend to Ozzy for help in putting together a complete home theater on a limited budget. Ozzy got him a really terrific system for an impossibly low price, and in doing so Ozzy created another loyal and very happy Crutchfield customer. If you do not already know how great Crutchfield is, talk to Ozzy and you will get it. Ozzy and Crutchfield are everything you always hoped you find in an online merchant, but that you almost given up hoping for. Crutchfield's broad product selection, excellent advisors like Ozzy, great after market support and all around good service at fair prices have made me a Crutchfield customer for life. Try Ozzy! You will like him. He rocks. Thanks again, Ozzy! Sincerely, John B

Garrett Klotz wrote on June 28
I really appreciate everything Ozzy has helped me with. He is full of knowledge and I am glad he was able to share it with me in a way that understood. Thanks!!!!!!

Travis wrote on May 5
After spending months getting together an entire home audio system, Ozzy was great at looking over what I had picked out and made great recommendations to make my order 100% perfect. Thanks again, Ozzy!

cj wrote on April 2
Ozzy and the whole Crutchfield team are amazing. They have gained a customer for life.


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Sonos® BRIDGE - Connect to your router for easy wireless operation with your Sonos system

Sonos® Controller CR200 - Touchscreen controller for the Sonos Music System

Sonos® Wireless Dock 100 - Wirelessly play music from an iPod® or iPhone® throughout your home

PS Audio Digital Link III - Stereo digital-to-analog converter

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Arcam rDac - Stereo digital-to-analog converter

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