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I came to Crutchfield in 1998 after spending a decade as a whitewater rafting guide and a ski bum.

My wonderful wife is a chef and an awesome mother. Together, we have three boys aged 9, 7 and 2 that we homeschool.

We enjoy learning, living and having as much fun as possible.

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Ben wrote on March 15
Sonny was fast and extremely helpful as are all your advisors. Thanks a lot

Mitch Johnson wrote on February 9
Sonny was very helpful and easy to work with on my Denon AVR order. I do a lot of shopping online, but sometimes I prefer to talk to someone when making a purchase of something that will last for years and Sonny made it easy.The free shipping was great too, less than 48 hours after my phone call with Sonny it was already at my home!

Ron wrote on January 16
Sonny helped me with selection of a television, sound system (definitely a must with my hearing) and support items. I have to say Sonny's suggestion regarding the ZVOX 580 was right on. This system has almost elimated me asking someone what they said or going back and listen again. He is right. The dialog enhancement is great. Combination of TV and sound is a pleasure now. Very knowledgeable.

Neil J wrote on September 10
Great help from Sonny! Answered my quesitons and provided solid recommendations and customer service!

Joe C. wrote on February 6
Sonny did a great job on educating me on what setup would be best to meet my objectives. He receommnded great products that fit my budget. A pleasure to work with and highley recommended.

Extraordinary pre-sales support wrote on September 16
For two days, I bugged Sonny at all hours to get a $9K order finalized and I was able to save $2K from my initial estimate due to the wealth of information available on Crutchfield, and also how Sonny educated me!

Mark L wrote on March 4
Sonny helped me pick out a great setup for my car and made sure I got what I needed and nothing more. He was also very helpful when I required some help in the installation; it made my first attempt at upgrading my car stereo go smoothly and successfully! Thanks!

james wrote on December 1
sonny was very helpful in assisting me with the purchase of a head unit. i would have purchased a unit that wouldn't fit because it was a fold down unit and the install kit would hinder it from functioning properly. the unit he suggested had the exact same features without the folding face for close to the same price. thanks for saving me the headache of returns and reinstalls.

Stephen wrote on July 17
I am very glad that I talked to Sonny over the phone. He was very helpful in telling me that the amp I chose would work for the subwoofers I chose. He even told me of what way I would have to set it up to make it work. So all I have to say is, Sonny thank you very much for your help!

brian wrote on March 17
sonny was really helpful and he was kind and help my with stuff so i didn't blow my speakers so thank to sonny again he was very helpful and kind thanks sonny


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