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I am a music addict! Growing up, I dreamed for a worldwide juke box I could use to access any recorded music at any time. Not only can I do just that now; but, I can listen to and control those recordings from anywhere, anytime. Using my laptop and Sonos, I am able to listen to anything in my own collection throughout my entire home and yard. I can even stream internet and satellite radio and find new artists to follow. Plus, I can access the same options in my car system via a smart phone! Music is my number one passion; but, I also love photography. And, it's a great gift to get to work among the toys that make those two things come to life. It's also a great pleasure to help others with the same passions make their selections. For nearly 15 years, I've been super happy testing out the best speakers, amps, and processors on the market and seeing firsthand the newest digital camera technology. If you want to hear your music as it was recorded or capture that moment...your moments in their best light, give me a call.

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james cogdill wrote on April 1
Jenny, I am very impressed with your knowledge and expertise. Most importantly attention to detail. You ask the proper questions to evaluate customer needs. Rare find in any industry. Kudos, to you and your company. i hope they compensate according to your skills. Will reply again, once I have evaluated my audio system. Thanx, Jimi.

John Sandefer wrote on February 27
Had the pleasure of Jennys company and expertise in helping me put together what I know is going to be a phenomenal system,!! She was very quick (just under a minute I believe!!) to point out a mistake I had made which could have blown four of the six speakers I purchased!!! Even after I changed her recommended speakers to my preferred ones!! (2nd guessing that decision now!) Incredible is all I can say!! Crutchfield is now my home for audio, and Jenny for as long as possible will always be my Advisor!!!!

Kyle D wrote on February 23
Jenny has helped me over two purchases develop a whole new audio system in my car. She instantaneously could answer any question I had from power to wiring to future upgrades. I have recommended Jenny to my friends who are going to be upgrading their systems in the near future.

KG4ICN wrote on February 5
Thank you for all of the help getting my new system going! You asked all of the right questions and took lots of time to help!

Jordan wrote on November 4
Whatever magic Jenny used to identify EXACTLY the in-dash GPS/Nav unit (and accessories) I needed was brilliant. She found the perfect balance of quality and affordability by truly listening to my needs. Your customer service is why I will always come back to Crutchfield.

Eddie wrote on September 24
It is refreshing and reassuring when you talk with someone who gets it, and Jenny gets it.

Ward wrote on September 18
Thank you for your help, for sharing your knowledge and assistance. You made the process much easier and help like yours is what sets Crutchfield a part from the herd.

Bob A wrote on September 6
Jenny was extremely knowledgeable, a real audiophile. She helped me choose the right unit as I was on the fence between two items. She will steer you in the right direction to satisfy YOUR needs and requirements.

Don wrote on May 17
Jenny was super helpful, and by asking a series of specific questions, she was able to help me configure the perfect in-dash nav/bluetooth/back up camera solution. Looking forward to getting the gear. So much easier and cheaper than I expected!! Thanks Jenny!!!!

W Brady wrote on December 29
Jenny, thank you very much for your help. l was confused on witch XM tuner to purchase, you answered my questions and got me set up. Job well done

Jeff Canada wrote on November 16
Jenny has assisted me with purchases since 2004. Outstanding customer support advisor. Thanks for going out of your way to help with my purchases...

samuel 407 wrote on October 28
jenny you're great !!! thank you for all your hard work and advice !

Dan the Golf Professional wrote on October 15
Jenny is awesome. Hardworking, responsive, incredibly well educated in her products and a pleasure to talk to and deal with. I enjoyed working with her and hope she is rewarded for her incredible efforts. D

Robert DeLong wrote on February 26
Jenny, is a smart CSR and a go getter. Not that I had and difficulty's with my order but you can just tell that she is going to take care of any issues if they do arise.

Trey wrote on September 6
Jenny, Thank you for helping me order my bass package and discuss possible future upgrades. You were very helpful when ordering.

CJ wrote on March 30
Jenny did a great job finding something within my budget and that would work very well with my head unit! Not sure if she helped out but the shipping was very fast! Received my order in 2 days. For sure would recommend her to anyone looking for car audio and i will be asking her more questions as I improve the system in my truck

Kevin Timmons wrote on January 24
Jenny was great! Put together a full cart for me of exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much Jenny you made shopping so much easier!

Marc wrote on July 17
Jenny is my goto advisor! Very quick with answers to all my questions that I have.

Paula wrote on August 23
This is the second time I've dealt with Jenny, and the reason why I specifically asked for her the second time around is because of her superb customer service skills... Thank you once again Jenny, and Crutchfield for making my experience such a positive one...

Jim Heily wrote on July 22
What an extraordinary level of customer service. The bar for standards of service has been raised with your contributions of knowledge in the electronics field. I am ever so grateful to have you as my advisor.

Robert wrote on March 12
Jenny was incredibly helpful when I was configuring the system for my street rod. She helped me with compatibility questions, and installation information - puting a modern system in a 1933 Ford Sedan is never standard. She helped a lot and even built my shopping cart for me. Thanks Jenny!

Misipati Salanoa wrote on January 28
I am so glad Jenny is my advisor, she provided me with answers to all my questions and the products she recommended were well within my budget. So, all the way from the rock in the Pacific,the island of American Samoa, its a pleasure doing business with you Jenny!!

Jason wrote on November 6
Thanks for the help and advice.


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