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I've been an avid visual arts and music enthusiast ever since I can remember. But until I came to work at Crutchfield in 2003 I always considered those to be largely separate pursuits. Working here was my first honest and in-depth introduction to the concept of home theater and home entertainment, and now I can't imagine a world without it. Before, I was strictly a stereo music listener. But now being able to enjoy all my favorite films, shows, sports, video games, and music using multichannel surround is the absolute best.

For me the best room in the house is the living area where my plasma TV, Playstation 3, and 5.1 surround system are ready and waiting to pull me down the rabbit hole. I have definitely been converted to the philosophy that if you don't have great sound to go along with what you're watching on TV you really are missing half the show. And of course having a wireless home network where I can stream all of my PC-based music, photos, and videos though the home entertainment system is unbelievably convenient an all the more enjoyable.

Whether I'm in my car or in my home I always try to equip myself with the best gear I can manage to get the most out of the experience. The only drawback to working here is not having enough space in my home for all the incredible products we carry. Even after eight years of exposure the kid-in-the-candy-store syndrome is still in full effect.

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