I like things that work well. When you walk into a room, want to read something, and you need light, you just flip the switch. You don't need to dig out the manual, call one of your kids in, wonder what step you are missing, and worry that you might press the wrong button. You just flip the switch and you are on your way to doing what it is you wanted to do.

Listening to music should be the same way. Whether you are relaxing on the sofa, cleaning the house, working in the yard or entertaining guests, experiencing music should be as easy as flipping the light switch.

I started at Crutchfield in the late 80's and left in the early 90's to start my own company designing and installing whole house music systems. After a decade of being my own boss, accountant, parts manager and laborer, I decided to focus full time on the design aspects that I love so much and leave the number crunching and ladder climbing to someone else.

Crutchfield is a great company, so the choice was obvious and fulfilling. Occasionally a former client will call with a job request that is just too interesting to turn down, so I find myself back on the jobsite for a while. It's a great way to test out new advances in technology and be able to make solid recommendations to our clients here at Crutchfield.

Currently, in my own home, I have been impressed with equipment from Sonos, Bose, Infinity, Apple, Sony, HP, Dell, and a catalog of others.many of which give me new opportunities to enjoy the 20,000 + songs on my iPod.

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John Sergeant wrote on April 7
It was such a pleasure to deal with Norm. His product knowledge is outstanding! I was also very impressed with the fact that he didn't rush me and took the time to answer all my questions before I placed my order. Crutchfield is lucky to have such a great employee!

Mike wrote on September 10
Norm has been amazing. He helped guide me in my sonos purchase, did not upsell me, and took my calls for three nights in a row before purchase answering all of my questions. After the purchase he also helped with install questions and troubleshooting on multiple occasions. The result has been fantastic. I will NEVER buy electronics from any company but Crutchfield again, and will always deal with NORM!

noah wrote on June 2
Norm is the best advisor he was very helpful and knowelgable thanks norm for everything

George wrote on March 29
Wow! It is so refreshing to deal with someone knowledgeable who really cares about solving your problem. I will never buy another piece of Audio equipment anywhere else!

Greg wrote on March 10
A rare and postive experience! Norm actually took the time to listen to the challenges I was having regarding a multi-amp wiring and mounting solution for my car. He made great suggestions as we worked through options together. He populated the shopping cart based on need and budget, described how best to use/place the selected items, and patiently addressed all my questions. 5 out of 5 star attitude and value. Thank you Norm and Crutchfield!!

Kari Tam wrote on January 26
I recently placed my first order with Crutchfield after a referral from a friend. It was so easy to find a top of the line stereo that fit my boyfriend's old truck. The customer service I received from Norm was so impressive! He was very friendly and eager to help me with all my needs. When I called him or emailed him he got back to promptly with the answers I needed. I highly recommend Norm as a wonderful advisor. Thanks again Norm!!!

Joe Riihl wrote on November 11
Very helpful and very knowledgeable. Helped me get the right set up for my older vehicle. Order came missing something. Called him, fixed the problem. If I ever call back definitely will be asking for Norm. Thanks!!

Sean Masterson wrote on September 27
Norm was awesome to work with. I had a generic idea of what I wanted to purchase, but he filled in all the "technical knowledge" gaps. I never felt pressured to buy anything I didn't want, and I feel very confident that I purchased the best stereo and speakers that fit within my budget. Way to go, Norm!

Rob Ward wrote on May 21
Norm is knowledgeable and friendly. He helped guide me through the excellent products available at Crutchfield and helped my pick the car speaker that were just right for my tastes, my car and my budget.

justin l. arrington wrote on April 27
I ordered a Kenwood radio from Norm. He helped me pick out a radio with the options I wanted and didn't try to pressure me into buying anything I didn't want. Got the radio couple days later and it works perfectly so 'cause he helped me I ordered speakers from him and will continue buying from him.

Aaron A wrote on November 30
I have purchased a lot over the years from this fantastic company. The prices are great, the shipping is fast and the outstanding support staff comprised of quality people like Norm are what keep me coming back first to check what they have to offer. Your get an A+ in my book Norm and well done Crutchfield for your dedication to service.

Richard Davison wrote on June 11
Norman helped me choose a wall TV Mount for a special application. He is definately one of the most professional and knowledgable phone reps I have ever delt with. He guided me from page to page, manual to pop up windows, all with an ease that was remarkable. Patient and understanding, he led me to the product that fit my need. Crutchfields did it again! Great service, extensive product line and a weath of information all at one place. Thanks!

Mark wrote on June 8
Norman was quite possibly the most informative representative I have worked with in my 20 years of buying ANY PRODUCT. Buying technical products always tends to be a more complicated process then other purchase types, but Norman was hands down the most qualified, friendly, and patient person I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. He answered questions even if they weren't geared around the specific product I was looking into buying, and never once rushed me off the phone. I will without a doubt be purchasing some of the products we discussed in the coming months FROM CRUTCHFIELD, and Norman is the majority of the reason why I will. Kudos to him....

Omar wrote on May 25
After conducting extensive research to redo my whole house media center, which includes now adding a PC to funnel through all my video and audio needs, I was very grateful to get to talk with Norm before making any of my purchases. Even when I thought I had the answer to a complex situation I had, Norm came up with better solutions, and he even kept me within my budget. If I had to do it all over again, I would have called Norm first after just outlining my basic needs. A BIG THANKS to Norm.

Bruce wrote on May 17
I just hung up with Norm. He spent over an hour talking to me about the system that I'm trying to put together. I literally can't recall ever having service this good. He is an absolute expert in designing home theater systems and he patiently listened to a million dumb questions from me as he educated me step by step towards the right solution. I would have expected to have paid $100 for an hour consultation with someone like him to sit down with me and help me out. I still can't believe that the service that I just received was free. Thank you so much to Norm for all of the help. I can't wait to get my new gear!!

Joseph DeMartino wrote on May 9
Norm was just great - really big help - not only did he help me put together my system, but answered all of my questions flawlessly. He showed great patience in helping me make my purchase. Great job Norm! Thanks again - Joseph

Joe Mason wrote on May 1
I had the pleasure of speaking to Norm after a long, drawn out saga of dealing with a local audio "expert" in my home town. Long story short, Norm gave me the guidance and attention for me to trouble-shoot my issues, recommend a new amplifier, and finally, hook it up to ensure that everything worked as planned. Norm was extremely patient and informative and definitely will make me choose Crutchfield for all of my audio needs going forward. Thanks again Norm!!! Joe

Keith Holt wrote on January 23
Looking through the Crutchfield Catalog for years, I always thought the testimonials praising the help received from the tech support guys were from folks who new little to nothing about A/V. "They can't offer ME any help", as I thought I knew most everything I needed to know to purchase my home theater system, Then I called and spoke with Norm. The guy's an A/V Jedi! His knowledge not only in the technical specs of any and all things A/V, but also his many years of experience in installation taught me more in a few phone calls than I had gained in years of playing with this stuff. And if you CAN come up with a question that he doesn't immediately know the answer to, he's emailing or calling you back in just a few minutes with the answer and several solution options. He never pressured me to buy the highest priced option, but rather made recommendations to fit my budget and the rest of my system. You can't find this level of expertise in the big electronics stores. I can't wait to start working on my next system; Norm will be the first person I'll call. Way to go Crutchfield, and many thanks to Norm!

Jeffrey White wrote on January 22
Thanks for talking to me about my SMART. Gonna start with the receiver and look at the sub and other speakers later.

Andrew wrote on November 1
Norm spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me clarifying wiring questions regarding the surround sound pre-wire I have in many rooms of my new construction home. He recommended gear that I have since done research on and have added to my "must have" list! I will be implementing the system he recommended in phases, as soon as the wife signs off. Thanks Norm!

Jake W. (Evansville, In.) 4/21/09 wrote on April 21
I recently had Norm as my advisor on a complete car audio system purchase. I couldn't have asked for a nicer, more knowledgable advisor. He always returned calls. Was very through in explaining things to me, and never pushed products on me that I didn't need. Honesty is hard to come by these days. Norm is an example of a exceptional person working for a great company! I hope to do business again with Crutchfield. Thanks Norm!! :)


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