I came to Crutchfield in 1999 after graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Biology. I honestly thought I would only be here a short time and would move on to a wonderful career in my field. However, here I am many years later! I have grown to love the people I work with and the equipment I sell and own.

I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and I'm never without my camera. I also love vacations--- any place, anywhere, any time.

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Randy Youngblood wrote on October 31
I can't say enough for Lucy's patience and willingness to give me all the time I needed over the span of several days of phone calls! I'm excited for what she helped me select and that feeling is so much better than just "settling". THANK YOU LUCY!

Steve Carter wrote on May 9
Wonderful young lady. Lucy helped transform me from a 1970s rocker to the current age. She explained, in simple terms, how I could establish a high quality whole-house audio system (see my SONOS reviews) and still take advantage of my great analog equipment (old but good!). She never pushes a product, but explains features & benefits and lets you decide. Now I have the best of both worlds as I have digitized much of my music onto a wireless audio server and also have over 100 internet music sources. THANK YOU LUCY! (only problem is Crutchfield addiction) :-)

Dwight Kranz wrote on October 16
I always place my orders through Lucy. She makes sure that I receive my items as quickly as possible and in excellent condition. A great asset to Crutchfield!

Marsha Gordon wrote on September 2
Lucy is absolutely the best-very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, patient, pleasant, and kind. She is definitely a wonderful asset to Crutchfield! I have passed her name and Crutchfield website on to many of my friends and highly recommend!

Ken Miner wrote on January 26
Lucy had been super in re-educating me on the latest technical options with home stereo systems. We worked together for two months designing my retro fitted home stereo system. I just bought the final pieces that make up my two zone house system with six sets of speakers. I am very happy and would recommend anyone I know who seeks professional service to deal with Crutchfield.

Dan N- San Antonio wrote on March 29
Lucy was absolutely wonderful. I felt like we were sitting side-by-side looking at our floorplans and outdoor space drawings I emailed her. She 'got it' even before I did and had a perfect package put together. She didn't shot gun it but didn't drag it on. I had first looked at a system for our last house with a local firm- was a joke. Sent two 'kids' who viewed home audio as nothing but bass and surround for gaming. Wouldn't listen. Lucy- was top notch and my wife and I were sold before we even priced it out. She didn't over-sell us either- was perfection. I like to support local businesses but until they can match Lucy and Crutchfield, forget it. Well done Lucy. Many thanks- Dan

Bob Rowlette wrote on August 16
Once again Lucy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to guide me in product evaluation. I trust her judgment to understand what I'm looking for and provide the best recommendation to guide my selection. Thank you Lucy! Having access to a personal advisor is a wonderful Crutchfield service.

Randy wrote on July 13
Lucy was very helpful and responsive via email. She made my selection and ordering process quick and easy. Also by highlighting some current specials she saved me considerable money. Thanks!

AL C. wrote on May 5
Lucy was very helpful with my previous order. She provided options along with the pros and cons of each. In addition she provided auto specific wiring diagrams to assist with a complex automotive system installation.

Rachel wrote on December 14
Thanks for all of your help. Your advice made me confident about my purchase decision! Can't wait until my equipment arrives :) Great Job

Doug Lewis wrote on October 9
Just finished talking to Lucy about receivers and a speaker switching box. She was excellent help and very easy to work with. Well Done & thank you

Ora wrote on June 29
Lucy was extremely helpful and really took the time to help me with my purchase. Thank you, Lucy!

nick smith wrote on March 23
lucy was very pleasant. She was helpful with any questions i had.


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