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I have always been a video game fan from the time I was 5 years old and I got my start in car electronics when I was a teenager, helping my brother install a car stereo and subwoofer into his truck. From that point forward I knew I was hooked and the fact that technology is always changing makes it challenging and exciting to see what's next.

I personally love doing car stereo installations for my car and my friends as well. I remember in training installing a full system for one of our supervisors and having so much trouble getting it right. We had to trouble shoot for 3 days before we finally got it right, but I learned more during that installation than any other. I also love having a great home theater system at home, to give movies and games that theater feeling.

Give me a call and I will make sure to get the equipment that is best for you and everything that you will need to get it set up.

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Chris Gallo wrote on April 26
I just purchased a Clarion head unit for my jeep and Blake was freaking awesome. even tho he did not need to assist me with the C2R-CHY4 harness.. Blake is a great addition to CrutchField. Thanks again Blake

Matt wrote on April 18
Thanks Blake for helping me decide what I want to do with my vehicle's sound system. He helped me pick out a great head unit for replacing the stock one and gave great advice regarding amplification! Will be looking forward to working with him again!

Justin D. wrote on January 4
I purchased two sets of components after my wife bought me a new head unit for Christmas and I was wanting to do a post purchase consult and Blake is the one who answered my chat call. He assured me that I made a good choice on speakers and advised me of the perfect amp to purchase for them in the future. He was awesome! Thanks for everything Blake! Thank you Crutchfield.

Nathan wrote on August 11
I was looking for advice on setting up new speakers in my Yukon and had no idea where to get started. Blake filled me in on the best buys, gave me affordable options and helped me pick out two great pairs of speakers. This guy knows what he is doing and was a great help I've worked with many people in my local area and they don't compare to the service I received from Blake, if you have a question regarding any electronics car or not, this is your guy.

Trev wrote on June 3
I stumped just about every audio friend I had, but not this guy. My bmw began complicated because of the elctrical system itself, then it got worse when I found out the previous owner had installed a system and took half of it out. Blake matched up the ohms, wiring, and amp'age to the correct components for my awkward setup. Thanks man, this is gonna sound sick on the beach.

raland, kris wrote on May 27
thank you blake for your support sir, your very helpful and great people skills!!!!!! thank you again blake and THANK YOU CRUTCHFIELD FOR ALL THE GREAT ELECTRONICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fanmanyuma wrote on March 18
First off, it was a pleasure speaking with someone who is fluent in english. Second, he hooked me up with the camera I wanted and believe this or not, did not attempt to sell me anything else. I know, it's unbelieveable! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks Blake.

Matt wrote on December 31
Thanks for following my first order and making sure I was covered for next day air, just got everything - perfect timing!


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