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Hi, my name is Hogan. I began my career with Crutchfield in 2005, and have been a sales advisor since 2007. I enjoy helping customers set up there home theater rooms as well as their automotive stereo systems. Some of the more elaborate systems from a complete 4 zone stereo setup for a horse barn, and a very high powered audio system for a 40 foot yacht. I really enjoy setting up the classic cars with a great sound system.

My hobby is the restoration of classic cars, doing just about everything personally. The two that I own currently are a 1972 Chevy Vega set up for the strip, and a 1969 Chevy Camaro BB that I have owned since 1980.

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Cullen Hall wrote on February 15
Hogan was extremely helpful in helping me put together a cost effective and simple system an older car that was in desperate need of upgraded components. He even noticed that a wire harness was missing from an order and before I could even look up the phone number to he had already corrected the issue. That is customer service!

Art wrote on March 20
Just wanted to thank Hogan and Crutchfield for a great customer service experience. Having little car audio installation experience, he patiently described the postive aspects and limitations of my factory installed audio setup. Then we discussed what the options were and what I could gain or lose by replacing both the reciever and / or the speakers. The entire experience left me feeling confident about the purchase I made. Really impressed by the detailed knowledge of my specific car setup.

David wrote on March 8
I called Crutchfield this afternoon and had the pleasure of speaking to Hogan concerning a new surround speaker setup for my home. I was inquiring about a discontinued unit (Polk 6880) and Hogan advised me of other possibilities since this one was no longer available. He answered all of my questions and is very knowledgable about home audio/video. During our conversation, he never tried to push any certain brand, but did take the time to explore different brands, options, what to look for, price, and old vs. new speaker efficiency. After talking to him, I have gained more knowledge about surround speaker setups and after a little more research and decision making I hope to be purchasing my new setup from Crutchfield very soon! Hogan is definitely an asset to Crutchfield and, more importantly, to the customers of Crutchfield. Thanks for your time this afternoon Hogan!

Curtis wrote on February 19
I had narrowed my list down to a couple of head units and a couple of speaker choices. I called and spoke with Hogan, pure luck I guess. He was very knowlegable about the products I was interested in and even pointed out a brand new model head unit that combined all the important features of my original two choices. He even came up with a coupon and saved me some money! Great job Hogan and thanks for the help. Love my new Pioneer set up.

Tim Hedderly wrote on November 7
What a pleasant experience! Hogan was very knowledgeable and at no time did I ever feel pressured to buy anything other than what I was interested in. He even took the time to talk muscle cars with me! I will find a reason to order again soon! Thanks Hogan! and by the way, it only took me less than 2 minutes to modify the speaker holes so those Infinity 6x9's would fit! Thanks again! -Tim


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