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While finishing my bachelor's in Communications in 2006, I certainly never dreamed I'd end up employed as an Advisor at Crutchfield. Yet, that is where I have been ever since and have grown to love the electronics field and what I do. I've always been a people person and enjoyed dealing with the public, so this job works perfectly for me. I get to meet new people on a daily basis and talk about things that we both enjoy. I try to make my customers feel as if they are talking to an old friend when deciding on what products best fit their needs, that way they feel comfortable and have someone to come back to in the future when they need help again. I have many customers that I have dealt with since the very beginning of my career at Crutchfield.

No matter what I'm doing throughout the day, you will always find me with some sort of item from Crutchfield at hand. Whether it be one of my many pairs of earbuds as I'm hitting the road for a run or race, one of my cameras to capture life's precious moments, jamming to some music in my vehicle, or enjoying a movie or music at home on one of my sound systems. I'm always happy to share my passion and expertise for electronics with you whenever you need help.

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Ron F. wrote on September 21
I was interested in a radio for my GTI. Brooke popped up online, fortuitously, and saved me from buying a radio which was too deep for my dash. I told her my needs and also what was not important, and she recommended some models that fit my desires, preventing me from buying features I won't use. She was patient and experienced and my first Crutchfield purchase was easy and quick. Thanks, Brooke!

Brian wrote on March 28
Brooke is the best. First time out she made great recommendations for me for a new A/V receiver from Denon. Saved me a bunch of money too. Excellent customer service/sales rep from Crutchfield. Thanks Brooke!

Ben S. wrote on March 16
I was looking for a great pair of headphones so naturally I came to Crutchfield. Brooke was my advisor and wow. Her wealth of knowledge and care blew me away. I like the other advisors here to but I always hope I get Brooke when I need to chat about a product. She has become my favorite advisor. She is a great asset to the Crutchfield team and Bill you need to give her a raise and keep her around for a long time.

Rich L wrote on October 12
I just wanted to say thanks to Brooke for helping with my most recent purchase. She helped me get Satellite Radio to my stock radio. Thanks again for helping me wade through the large amount of electronics Crutchfield has to carry. I will always be a customer.

CT wrote on February 7
I have been dealing with Ms. Brooke lately. She's intelligent and knowledgeable about all things electronic!! Very responsive and accommodating. She will not steer you wrong and provides you with the best fit for your vehicle and wallet. Nice refreshing change in this world of uncaring and impersonal c/s!! Huge asset to Crutchfield. So Mr. Bill don't let her go, in fact, give her a raise! I'll be back to get more stuff from her. Thanks for all your help.

SHAW LATIF wrote on December 8
Wonderful experience to shop on a cell phone, getting feed back from Brooke, and I was done within 10 minutes. She is a great rep. SL

Scott S. wrote on August 5
I was trying to place an order online and I was having trouble with a coupon code. I called the help line and Brooke answered. She was very nice and was able to get the coupon code applied for me and finish my order. I received a confirmation email within just a few minutes. It wasn't a huge order but I still really appreciated her help! Thanks Brooke!

Nabeel wrote on January 31
I had ordered the Nikon D7000 SLR camera and Brooke had taken my order over the phone. Being a highly popular item, and one that was difficult to come by, I knew that I was in for a long wait and hassle. Crutchfield electronics and Brooke in particular made this whole process so amazing. She was always available to answer my questions, and never got annoyed at my constant phone calls : ) She kept on top of my order and called my as soon as it was in. Brooke has caused Crutchfield to earn my repeated business. Thanks for everything!!!

Eddie wrote on January 5
Brooke was a great help in selecting a head unit for my son's first truck. She was very knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction. Originally I was looking to purchase an iPod Touch adapter so my son could use his 4th Gen Touch with the factory stereo. But after talking with Brooke I purchased a new head unit with the functionality that I wanted for basically the same price as I was going to pay for an adapter. Plus it is expandable for future needs. Thanks Brooke, I'm sure my son will really enjoy his new set up.

Erik wrote on November 30
Brooke was great. I'm fairly electronic illiterate and having Brooke guide me along the process turned what I anticipated being an never ending search of products into a rather enjoyable experience. She was able to answer all my questions as well as suggest products which were very suitable for my needs. Thanks again for your help, Brooke.

Kevin wrote on August 2
She listened to my needs and gave me great suggestions for equipment that provided the level of performance I was looking for at the best value. I love my new home system!

Bob DelPriore wrote on May 15
It is such a pleasure to deal with Brooke. She doesnt rush you along, she is very knowledgeable and she listens!

Rick Y wrote on December 11
Brooke was VERY helpful and had great product knowledge. Looking forward to other transactions.

Josh Bardin wrote on December 5
Brooke helped making a decision on a T.V. much easier with her knowledge of the various choices. She also patiently answered a barrage of questions about a lot of other products as well. Will definitely request her to be my advisor again. Thanks Brooke!

Lane wrote on October 12
She was very nice and patient with me, very cool service from crutchfield!!!

STEVEN WEBER wrote on May 28

Matt wrote on April 19
she was very great and knew her stuff

Wesley Christolear wrote on November 6
Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Thank you for your assistance


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