An opportunity to work at Crutchfield and be around electronics was an offer I couldn't refuse. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2007 I began my Crutchfield career in our Web site department and have made the transition to being a Personal Advisor, helping people get and enjoy their electronic 'toys' ever since.

My passion for video games and movies makes this the ideal place to work. Crutchfield has also helped me appreciate music so much more and the importance of quality sound. Beyond these interests, I'm an avid sports fan whether I'm in the stands, on the field or watching at home. My newest hobbies are recreational flag football and reading/watching Game of Thrones.

I get excited discussing the great things we offer here at Crutchfield and would love the chance to chat & help you with anything I can. Please give me a ring or send an email and let the fun begin!

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Don Boyd wrote on September 5
Duke was very helpful, now I know exactly what will fit my friends car and can help him plan for and install a good stereo in his car.

Larry wrote on August 9
Duke has been extremely helpful as I try to upgrade a limited stock radio in my vehicle. Thanks to Duke, I know exactly what I need.

B. McKay wrote on November 16
Many thanks to Duke, who quickly ensured that I had all the stuff I needed to install a Kenwood into my 2005 Trailblazer, including the steering wheel control adapter and OnStar adapter. I hadn't installed a car stereo since I was in college a couple of decades ago. It's changed quite a bit, but thanks to the excellent Crutchfield support, it went much faster than I had planned.

George wrote on March 14
Duke. You know your stuff. I just got through installing the system you recommended. It is hard to believe it is "budget". Your knowledge and customer focus are to be commended. Everything was basically plug and play. Again, thanks.

rjfrech wrote on June 29
Duke , Thank-you Sir ! ! ! I received my Sony BDPS390 today. It does not play .flac files or .flv but it does play mpeg 1 thru 4 AND .mkv & Xvid so I think I can live with it. AND BY THE BY this Sony has by far the friendliest user interface of any DVD/Bluray that I have used. Oh , and Duke , if you guys ever offer a DVD/Bluray that plays what the VLCPlayer plays I'll buy 5 of 'em. Thanks Much , Randall

Scotty G wrote on May 24
What a great site! What a great advisor! Duke was great to work with. He was patient and ultra informative. I wanted to outfit my truck with a nice stereo and not only did Duke help line me out, he kept me well under budget. He probably spent an hour and a half on the phone with me answering my questions and listening to my concerns. I got everything installed last weekend and it sounds great! Finally, to be able to take my music up a notch... or two or three, without the distortion is a beautiful thing. Oh, did I mention the written thank you note that I received from him after making my purchase? Yes, a hand written thank you note! It speaks to the professionalism of the site. Duke, thank you for the excellent buying experience! I will recommend your site with you as an advisor to anyone that brings up electronics in my presence.

Clint wrote on March 9
Sent in a web request and promptly recieven an anwer from Duke. It is one of the few times in my life I have recieved much more than I requested. Thx Duke and Crutchfield

Mark Laurent wrote on October 7
I recently bought a car, and I spoke with Duke to find an inexpensive but high quality stereo and a set of speakers to match my budget. He was very helpful and professional, met my budget constraints, and helped me get a great deal. After a couple months I contacted Duke again to help me out with adding a little 'umpf' to my car's sound system and he suggested the best low-profile, high performance powered bass unit! Duke is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he was really able to put himself in my shoes to understand what I really wanted. Thanks Duke!!

crowsnest04 wrote on September 30
Thanks you were a big help. Very nice.....

steve wrote on March 30
Duke spent a good amount of time helping me find rear speakers for my 2008 Solara convertible (not an easy task... If you don't believe me, try it yourself!) in lieu of spending 2x - 4x the price for Toyota replacement parts. Good man to work with.. Highly recommended

Jim Herndon wrote on December 27
Duke was extremely patient and helpful with his explanation to me of how a Marantz AVR I was interested in would work with an LG 3D tv. I was even more impressed with his follow-up card after my purchase. You just don't get this kind of service anymore anywhere...let alone from an internet based company ! Kudos to Duke and his colleagues at Crutchfield for their outstanding customer service. Many thanks !!!

glenph73 wrote on September 9
Duke is the Man!!! I am a service tech. for a large telephone company and I know how important that first phone call is.I was looking at buying my 17 year old daughter a new system for her car. I looked at the web site for awhile and finally broke down and called for help. I have 6 LCD tvs with 3 Bose systems and 1 JBL with an Onkyo so,my pride was at stake! Duke set me up with exactly what I was looking for with no pressure.I have bought from Best Buy,HH Gregg,Circuit City among others and have never had an experience like this.CRUTCHFIELD you have won me as a customer and thanks to Duke. Take care of him!! Thanks

Zack wrote on May 25
After realizing my car had the Infinity system Duke sent out the pieces that would be needed to fix my problem, not only that but it was free along with free shipping. Duke is a Grade A person, who (like the rest of Crutchfield) puts the customers first.

Mike wrote on May 12
Duke was extremely professional and very friendly. You know how you sometimes hesitate to ask questions because you don't want to sound dumb or irritate the person you are asking? Not with Duke. He answered all my questions in a manner that made me feel comfortable to ask even more questions. He spoke to me like we have known each other for years. That kind of professional and friendly service is something I definitely appreciate. With service like that, if by chance that Crutchfield's price is a bit more than the competition, I would still go with Crutchfield because of the excellent service that people like Duke provide. I will continue to go to Duke for all of my electronic needs. Thanks!!!!!

Matt wrote on April 15
Duke's a great guy. Very helpful and very friendly over the phone. Helped me pick out a good wiring kit for my amplifier and was very respectfull of my budget. I would definitely recommend friends and family to him. Thanks again, Duke!!

Iris wrote on December 24
Duke was such a pleasure to talk with! He helped me understand all the hub-bub about HDTVs and never made me feel like a novice. Before making another purchasing decision, I'll be getting his superb advice first.

D. Coelho wrote on November 3
Duke helped me greatly in answering all my questions, easily selecting the right receiver, setting up a payment plan, and much more! All my future purchases I will ask for him first. Thanks for all the help!


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