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Whether you're looking for great sound in your home, office, car or from your smart-phone I'll give you the perfect recommendation to fit your needs. The wonderful guitar work by Eddie Van Halen, Santana or Eric Clapton and the smooth vocals of Fruit, Bonnie Raitt or Usher can surprise you when listening with the right equipment.

I've played string instruments for over 40 years and have a keen ear for crisp, clean sound whether classical or vocal and love the current electronica music being introduced in the last 5 years. I'm a fan of soundbars, internet radio and using DAC's because I'm a firm believer in all music can sound great.

I'll help you listen to your music anywhere!

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Tony E. wrote on April 17
Thank you Nancy for recommending the amplifier for my kitchen and dining room audio set up, I sincerely appreciate your help, and look forward to receiving my purchase from Crutchfield... Thanks Again !!!

Dave Maschke wrote on February 6
Thank you Nancy! I was shopping for headphones and had a bad case of information overload. Nancy listened to me and helped sort out what would work best for me on every level. The final result is a product that I am thrilled with, and not left second guessing my purchase decision (Sennheiser PXC 450). Nancy is a big part of what makes Crutchfield a great company!

keith rushing wrote on February 1
Spoke with Nancy on purchase of an amp. I told her I was not really into the home theater scene, just prefer 2 channel stereo. She knew exactly how I felt so compassionate and patient. You don't get that at the big box stores.Nancy you and Crutchfield have a customer for life. Thanks much.

Aimee wrote on March 12
Thank you for giving me confidence to wire this myself. You have a great talent working with people.

Jody from Louisiana wrote on December 10
Just have to say Nancy is AWESOME! She really knows her stuff and helped me so much!! I appreciate service like this and I must say it sets Crutchfield apart! Thanks again, Nancy!

Michael Monteleone wrote on October 28
Nancy was awesome. Very helpful and knew the products.

Nick wrote on June 15
Nancy was a joy to talk to have me all and more of the information that I needed to make Decision about my car thank u.

Forrest Taylor wrote on February 3
I just wanted to say that Nancy is awesome at her job and makes ordering very simple and quick saving me time and money ! :) Thanks Nancy !

Dave wrote on December 9
I so enjoyed my call to Crutchfield the day I was looking for new speakers for my Ford F150. Nancy recommended Helix. Did some research and called her back to order. Well, the speakers are in, and she was SPOT ON! Not only does she know her stuff, she is a blast to talk with. You can trust Nancy to guide you through the process and recommend the products that will suit your needs.

Ross wrote on November 13
Thamks! I'm glad I was able to talk to someone who is well informed and able to recommend the best parts and give me detailed directions for everything I will need for my truck!

Toronto Maple Leaf wrote on September 8
Really first rate advice and guidence. Nancy was patient, good-natured, and helpful above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!

Nell wrote on August 2
Thank you very much, Nancy, for your good help today. Pay attention, Crutchfield shoppers, whether you're looking for answers to your technical questions or cheerful, experienced advice about product use, here's the place to go .... you'll end up with a smile on your face for sure. Again, thank you.

vamshi wrote on February 19
Thank you Nancy, for so patiently answering all my questions.

Cathy wrote on February 16
Nancy was very helpful to me in selecting the right sound bar for my 32" TV. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and was not pushy at all. Her advice turned out to be perfect, and I am very pleased. Thank you, Nancy!

Chris Jones wrote on November 8
I called Crutchfield and had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy, and let me tell you she is one of the BEST customer service representatives I have ever talked to! She got me exactly what I needed on my crazy mix and match parts order. She is truly one of the easiest and sweetest persons to talk to, she never tried to sell something else on top. This is one of the reasons I will continue to shop with Crutchfield for life!!

Howard wrote on May 4
I called Crutchfield this evening with some basic questions about installing an amp with a stock head unit. Nancy was able to answer my questions with confidence and even offered some suggestions for what speakers I should install. She was a pleasure to speak with. What was different is that there wasn't a sales pitch or pressure to buy anything!!! For that reason alone, I've decided to give my business to Crutchfield! Thanks, Nancy, for your A++ service!

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