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I'm a huge comic book fan. My favorite heroes are the ones that help people with both big and little problems. Whether it's saving the universe or helping an elderly woman cross the street, those heroes show that any problem is important, not because of the size, but because they just want to help make that person's life a little bit easier. As much as I would like to save the planet from oncoming destruction, I know that gaining powers to do so is slim to none. Or even getting into enough shape to dress as a giant bat and bound from roof top to roof top looking for suspicious activities in dark alleys. So, what does this have to do with working at Crutchfield? Everything.

Much like my favorite heroes, I have the means to actually help people. Every phone call I receive is another chance to save someone's universe by helping them pick the best television for their family room. I get the opportunity to help people pick the right combination of subwoofer and amplifier that will help someone gain a little more notoriety in the halls of their high school. Or make the movie nut's living room feel like Middle Earth or Gotham City with a surround system that captures every nuance. From the biggest boom, to the most detailed sounds that make each setting truly come alive. I get to save people from mediocre products and introduce them to ones that will take their entertainment consumption to another level entirely. I get to help people experience movies and music in ways they could never imagine. In short, it's a really cool gig.

So, pick up your red phone and give me call. Just don't be startled if I talk like I'm Batman and call you Commissioner Gordon.

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