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Hi, my name is Cooper, and I've been interested in audio and electronics since I was child. From annoying my mother with a stick and pot (beating on it until she took it away) to installing my first car stereo system as a teen, I have always known that the audio electronics industry was perfect for me. I love to listen to great music of many different genres and always want to deliver the best quality sound so I can truly understand what the artist intended. I am a sports enthusiast (with college football my favorite) as well as love to travel abroad (Jamaica is a must see!). Out of all the places I've traveled and seen, Crutchfield is truly the most amazing group of people I've encountered and feel truly blessed to be apart of the family here.

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Christopher M. wrote on May 4
Cooper was a pleasure to work with. He helped me pick out a set of speakers for my home sound stage. He was very knowledgable and a super nice guy. There are so many great people at Crutchfield, and Cooper is someone that I look forward to dealing with again! Thanks again for your help!

Jeremy wrote on March 1
I spoke to Cooper about wanting to improve my trailblazer stereo. I already had an Alpine head unit so Cooper walked me through what would work best for my vehicle based on what I was looking for. He explained with great detail, specifics regarding the system such as I couldn't use alpine door speaker because the grills would not fit properly. He set me up with some awesome Kicker speakers to replace all my factory speakers. He also explained that although the max output on my head unit is 50x4, the RMS is only 19. With that, he suggested an alpine booster amp which I have to admit makes a HUGE difference! It installed in seconds and changes the entire sound of the system! I will be back soon to order the subs and amp we talked about! Thanks again Cooper!

Kyle wrote on November 14
I came to Crutchfield looking for a replacement for a home theater audio system. I decided to call because I did not really know what I was looking for. Cooper was incredibly helpful and was very quick to listen to my needs and limitations. He gathered together a list of what I needed and made it extremely easy to proceed with my purchase. I would recommend anyone I know looking for audio stuff to talk to him in an instant. I will be returning to shop here next time I need audio equipment! Everything I have ordered worked beyond expectations!

Dominic L wrote on September 6
I would like to just thank him for helping me out with an issue on an exchange for a radio that was not compatible with my android. after fighting with the radio and phone for over 2 months and well after the 60 day return period he took it back and gave me full credit towards another radio that now works with my phone. Plus he paid the return freight. Thank you Cooper!

Seneca wrote on January 22
Wow- extremely helpful! Taught me a lot and was kind through it all. A great asset to your company and I want him every time. He helped me pick out what was perfect for me.

David Weaver wrote on January 5
I've been a long time loyal customer of Crutchfield and staff like Cooper is the big reason why. Couldn't have been more helpful in picking out the proper audio gear for my car. Thanks for the great service.

Andre wrote on November 5
Awesome customer service . Patient and knowledgeable.


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