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My name is Larry and I've been working at Crutchfield since the spring of 2012. After graduating from James Madison University in 2009, I moved back to Charlottesville and when the opportunity arose to join the sales team at Crutchfield, it was pretty much a no brainer. Although I was no "audiophile" prior to working here, my time at Crutchfield has allowed me to truly appreciate the difference between poor sounding audio and high fidelity music. My goal with every customer I come in contact with is to provide them with an unparalleled buying experience and hook them up with the best possible gear to fit their needs.

When I'm not selling awesome electronic gadgetry from Crutchfield, I like to listen to a wide variety of music (ranging from Radiohead and Nirvana to The Roots and Kid Cudi as well as classic rock like The Rolling Stones and The Doors), play video games and watch movies. I also like to play basketball, do anything outdoors and when time allows it, I like to hang out with my friends and family. I'm a huge Chicago sports fan (DA BEARS!!) and I follow the NBA, NFL and college sports pretty religiously.

As for gear I own, I recently installed the JVC KW-R900BT head unit into my Toyota Camry along with some Sound Ordnance component speakers. I also have a 32GB iPod Touch that I literally carry with me everywhere and I'm currently saving up to buy a new home theater system.

So next time you're in the market for some new electronic equipment, please give me a call or shoot me an email, I'd love to hear from you!

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Herb C. wrote on December 31
Excellent Customer Service

p6dumont wrote on August 6
Larry was real helpful informing me about two different receivers. For some reason my internet connection at work broke down and I wasn't able to continue talking to him. I recommend him for advice.

Damon wrote on July 1
I spoke with Larry about a concern I had regarding necessary tools for the purchase I planned to make. He was helpful and informed me about the correct tools, including a link to the pry tools I would need for installing speakers in the doors. My installation went quite well, even though it was my first time installing car audio since I was a kid. Larry even sent me a postcard after my purchase, just to make sure everything went well.

Lee wrote on February 2
Larry just reassured my purchase choice which made me feel a little more comfortable with the money I spent. Thanks Larry

Greg L. wrote on January 16
Just talked to Larry on the chat. He was very straight forward and helpful. He knew what he knew and was honest about what he didn't. He helped me in my decision making process.

Erick L wrote on January 9
I told him what I needed and what I wanted. He told me not to worry about it and that he'll get me all that I needed. He did what he told me he would do and made my experience easier. Thank you Larry.

Mike L. wrote on October 20
Larry was extremely helpful. i was new to this whole car audio thing, and told him what i needed/wanted/liked and he sent me recommendations. If i ever need assistance again im looking for Larry, they need to give this guy a raise.

Graylen Limme wrote on October 16
Larry was Awesome help me pickout new speakers front and back for my truck. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. everything was add to my cart, all that was left was for me to checkout!! Thanks Larry!!

David wrote on September 6
Larry helped me get all the right components for my wife to enjoy her new radio. Can't wait to install it.

Craig N. Heon wrote on June 13
Larry just advised me when I was looking to purchase a 2 channel amp/wiring kit for my car audio system. He was very helpful. I just placed the order today, and I am eagerly anticipating the arrival so I can install!

Chris wrote on December 4
Larry recommended a pair of Sennheiser bluetooth headphones to me that turned out to be absolutely fantastic. I told him what I was looking for and he steered me in the right direction. Thanks for a painless shopping experience, Larry!

Cyril King wrote on December 3
Very good advisor!!


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Products I own or have recently tried

Cobra AirWave CWA BT150 - Bluetooth® music receiver for car and home

Audioengine A5+ - Premium powered bookshelf speakers

Audioengine D1 - Digital-to-analog converter/headphone amplifier

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  • 13 weeks of classroom and hands-on installation training before taking calls
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