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I love electronics...and let's face it, working at Crutchfield is like being at the toy store all day! I am originally from Virginia, but have lived all over the United States, and have visited most of it. I went to film school in NYC, which is where I fell in love with the idea of bringing the theatre experience home. Nothing beats a Blu-Ray movie, on a big screen HD 3D T.V. with an awesome surround sound system that makes you hear the footsteps of the bad guy behind you, with bass that rumbles the floor just as he jumps out, making you feel like you're actually in the same room as the person on screen. I'm also a huge fan of sports (mostly football and MMA), music and video games. When I'm not at work, you can find me enjoying one of these activities with my wife and kids. Crutchfield offers so many products that enhance my experience for all of my interests, which makes this a dream job for me. I can't wait to get started helping you with your home and car A/V experience.

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David wrote on April 17
Buddy is extremely knowledgeable and was able to help me find what I needed within my budget. He is able to communicate technical details to me, a non-tech guy. Buddy also was able to save me a few bucks so thanks Buddy!

Spaeker Dave wrote on February 28
Talked to Buddy. I was planning on spending $$$$ on a stereo upgrade for my MINI Cooper. As I am so into home audio I was so confused on what to get and my system was getting very expensive. After talking to Buddy he was able to come up with a system that fit my needs and way under my est. cost getting ready to place my order now. Thanks Buddy!!! (My New Buddy)

Taylor wrote on February 23
Buddy not only helped me with the issues I was having, but also helped me with every question I had to ask! Although being located on the American side of things, Buddy was able to assist me on the Canadian side exceptionally well. Customer service could learn a thing or two from Buddy! Thanks again!

Joe D wrote on February 20
Buddy was fantastic with spending time with me. I a questions about the current home theater set-up. He spent an hour chatting with me giving me information I needed to make the right choice. He went over several options and informing me of the new technology out there. He spent the time giving me pros and cons as with my options I was originally looking for. Support like this should be rewarded!

DeWitt wrote on January 16
I just finished my order with Buddy and it was a great experience. I wish that I had used Crutchfield on my sons car! Buddy was very helpful and pleasant. I wish that every buying experience was this easy and satisfying. Thanks!

Peter wrote on January 5
Great help! Thanks for your time and patience.

Jason Brown wrote on December 30
Buddy is an awesome resource for a car audio buyer. For example, he was able to answer all of my questions, some of which were amateur because I am no car audio expert. Buddy even went of of his way to bring up an issue with 6x9 speakers not fitting properly on the the rear deck of my car, and recommended a bracket solution for me to discuss with a local dealer. Not only did Buddy answer my questions in a friendly manner, he also recommended several products that were in line with my budget and tailored for the specific system I was looking to install in my car. Buddy was an absolute pleasure to chat with on Crutchfield Support and I feel lucky that he was the one to answer my chat request. I believe Buddy deserves some type of recognition for his excellent service because I am leaving our conversation feeling more knowledgeable and better equipped to make an informed purchase. Thank you again for all your help Buddy and Happy New Year!

Chris G wrote on September 30
Buddy is one heck of a buddy to have in your corner when looking for car audio parts!!! When I called Crutchfield today to find an antenna cable adapter for my wife's car, I was lucky enough to speak to Buddy. It took him 30 seconds MAX to find the part I needed! Just when I thought this was impressive, I told him about another project I as working on -- adding a subwoofer to a 98 Corvette and still keeping the factory radio and look to the car. Mind you, I was previously given a quote of $800 to accomplish this. Buddy really took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, give me a quick education (car audio makes about as much sense to me as statistics), and understand what I was aiming for. He then immediately began researching products right there on the phone. In the end, he hooked me up with a Polk Audio sub and a 350W Sound Ordnance amp... that even included the wiring kit as a promo offer.... for $200 -- INCLUDING the $7.00 adapter I originally called about!!!!!! Now, like others, I have long been under the impression that Crutchfield, while offering pretty nice merchandise and rumored good customer service, was way over priced.... I stand corrected! It's unfortunate, but companies with this kind of service and knowledgeable, caring employees like Buddy, are becoming harder and harder to find. I will be talking about this experience for a week at least..... and probably more after I get all this installed and running! More importantly, I will most definitely be coming back to Crutchfield again thanks to Buddy!!!

Jan wrote on September 25
What a great experience! Buddy helped me return an item that didn't fit my needs and find a replacement item. He did this in a helpful, friendly, professional manner - I'll definitely shop with Crutchfield again because of his outstanding customer service!

todd wrote on September 21
I had a wonderful experience dealing with Buddy and other customer service people during my purchasing and installation of my car stereo. At times, it got pretty difficult to do the installation and Buddy and others were excellent with help. I never had to wait more than a minute to speak to someone when I called during the installation.

Stan wrote on August 24
This guy is the Dude of Electronics.

Tim Gilmore wrote on August 19
I was having a difficult time finding a good fit for my vehicle, I went to multiple stores with no support. I contacted support and I was lucky enough to get paired with Buddy, who was very helpful in making me understand just what I needed to get for my vehicle. I really appreciate all the help and support he provided me and due to his help I will purchase from Crutchfield and continue to bring my business here. Thank you again Buddy, you were a great help.

Ron wrote on August 9
Great customer service, caring attitude, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely buy from Crutchfield again because of the service he provided. Thanks Buddy.

Chris Stanford wrote on August 7
My brother recommended Crutchfield and I told him no they are to expensive. I buy everything from Amazon. I looked on Amazon and there were alot of options just like Crutchfield but I really did not know what I should get so I called Crutchfield fully expecting to ask them what I should get and then buy it on Amazon. First I wanted a double din touch screen and I thought it would fit my car but after talking to Buddy I realized it would not. This is something I could not have found out on Amazon. Secondly I was able to tell Buddy everything I wanted and everything I could do without. I explained that I wanted great sound but did not want to install an amp in my truck so he found me a reciever with high output and a set of speaker to compliment my reciever. I would not have bought speakers on Amazon because I would not have had anybody I help me know which ones to get. Thirdly as he was adding all these items together I was pleased to not only see that everything I wanted was in the basket instead of somebody just giving me item numbers he was able and happy to put all them together for me so all I had to do was pay out.I mentioned I had just spent 249 for a pair of marine polk audio speakers for my boat and he showed me a set for 99 that were just as nice. In the end I was shocked and pleased to see my total order ready to install was 256 dollars. I was going to pay that for a reciever alone on Amazon. It was an outstanding experenice and I will come here first next time!!!! Great job Buddy on your level of knowledge and customer service..

nelson morales wrote on July 20
That's why I love shopping at crutchfield because fantastic support team but he was great. Answered all my questions in a timely manner. Every company should have a buddy

Dan wrote on June 5
Made my purchase smooth and swift. Gave me multiple options and personal preference which really made choosing my speakers a breeze. Also gave me the tools necessary to install the speakers.

Cliff wrote on May 11
Every company should have a Buddy!

Chris B. wrote on May 10
Buddy is a great sales advisor! It is always a pleasure and fun to speak with him. Buddy is very knowledgeable, providing great and unbiased professional guidance. Buddy will steer you down the right path, getting you setup with exactly the gear you're looking for! Buddy is 5-Star!!! ***** advisor and valuable asset to the already excellent Crutchfield Team. In my opinion, no other Audio/Video retailer even comes close to the excellence of Crutchfield! Great Company! Thanks Buddy! Sincerely, Chris B., So. California

Brian wrote on May 10

Robin Z wrote on May 8
I am clueless about car stereos. Only ever had stock radios. Buddy walked me through the process, found exact models that would fit into my car, and found models that had every single requirement I wanted on it. Thank you so much for your help, I really do appreciate it.

Andrew wrote on May 1
Buddy is great! He is very knowledgable and quickly answered all of my questions. I felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for years. Thank you!

Umair wrote on April 5
Buddy listened to my problem, broke it down to me and in minutes had me looking at a couple real nice options for exactly the stereo I needed. I always loved Crutchfield's Customer service and always will with guys like Buddy.

Dave wrote on March 29
Thanks for the help, Buddy. You really know your stuff!

Anna Sid wrote on March 7
Buddy Rocks!

Sean wrote on February 28
Buddy was great helping me navigate different soundbars and was very knowledgeable, am looking to make a purchase today with his help

Randall wrote on February 28
Buddy hooked up a great deal in no time, flat. I'm super impressed with the service and happy with the transaction. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Great stuff.

kate wrote on February 28
Buddy was extremely helpful; he gave me different options, explained each one's advantages-differences in sound quality, brand history, etc. I am completely inept when it comes to technology, and he was very patient and informative. He went beyond all expectations. so I am definitely buying my SONOS sound & entertainment system through him! Thanks Buddy!

Scott wrote on February 15
Super excited about audio products. Seems like he really likes what he is doing.

Anthony Brocato wrote on February 14
Buddy was very helpful, patient and understanding. He went out of his way to see what I got what I wanted. Thank you Buddy. ... Tony ... :o)

Nathan wrote on January 28
Buddy is a genuine representative who has earned my business.

Mike Greenly wrote on January 22
Buddy was an absolute pleasure to talk to. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and has amazing customer service skills. I will contact him directly with all of my future A/V needs.

-Chris.F. wrote on January 1
Buddy went above and beyond his job description 5 star employee I work for AT&T I talk on phones all day as well but he is an awesome employee a real asset to the company he went threw all the options and gave all the prices for what I needed keep up the good work buddy

rons wrote on December 19
Had a question after placing order. Called back, left massage, and Buddy calls me back about 15 minutes later. Super service. I wouldn't have bet a dime to a dollar regarding a call back. All customer service should be at least half this good.

Nola wrote on December 19
I was so confused about warranties and Buddy explained and put my mind at ease. He was so helpful and pleasant to talk to it was refreshing. Great guy. Great company.

Adam wrote on October 4
Very helpful awesome guy. Thanks for you help and look forward to getting more stuff in the future.

mark (from Dubai, UAE) wrote on September 8
very helpful! :) though I'm not in US, he still gave me the advice i needed. thanks man. keep up the good work! :)

Randall Shaw wrote on August 12
A quick note to thank Buddy, I was sitting at my desk last Thursday thinking what should I get myself for my birthday? I logged into your site and found a few items that would do nicely , but the shipping would not get them here until the following Tuesday this was not going to work. I called and spoke with a very gracious gentleman named Buddy he was able to get my order out that day and I received it at work the next afternoon no issues.. This made my birthday weekend very enjoyable. Thanks Buddy and Crutchfield

ken wrote on May 4
very helpful!

Steve wrote on December 11
Buddy, got me going in the right direction on a home theater receiver and clarifed some technical mumbo-jumbo. Thanks!


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