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To say I love music would be an understatement. It's more like breathing for me. I was a music major at Naropa University, I've played in bands, solo and part of ensembles. I collect music like kids collect pogs, are pogs still relevant? I was late to the digital music game, dipped my toes and felt that the water was too cold and I went back to analog. I love vinyl and I constantly have to tell my nephews that these large circular black discs have music on them and nothing else. Sheesh..

Anyway, I spent the last few years installing high end home automation, home theaters and whole house audio. If you have any questions or just want to rap about audiophile grade gear, call me.

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Donald wrote on January 17
Even though my order was simple and inexpensive, Rocky took the time to explain my options. He could not have been more helpful. Rocky, and the other people at Crutchfield, provide some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.

Mike wrote on June 17
Buying electronics from Rocky was great! His knowledge of and enthusiasm for music and quality audio electronics was obvious. He's so easy to talk to that it's like getting advice from a good friend who happens to be an expert. I planned to set up a nice dedicated stereo listening room in a small spare bedroom. He started by asking about my needs (and wants) - room size, types of music, sources, etc. He answered all my questions, particularly about what some of the terms and specs mean, since this is somewhat new to me. He made recommendations within my budget, but didn't push me in one direction and let me make my own decisions. Now I've got a great start on my system and can easily expand and upgrade. I couldn't be more satisfied with Rocky and Crutchfield. Thanks!


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