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Music has always been my big passion. Sometimes a song can explain so much more than words can even begin to describe. Although I enjoy nearly all genres of music, my favorites would have to be Country and Classic Rock. That's why I love electronics. They are always changing to give you the best sound, and the most efficient way to have the music processed. So if you want to feel the music, not only hear it, then give me a call today and I'll be more than happy to take care of all of your electronic needs!

My hobbies are of course music, classic cars, motorcycles, junkin', and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. I am also a big history buff. My idea of paradise is good tunes and white sandy beaches!

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Nate wrote on January 28
I contacted crutchfield for advice on which sub/amp combo would work for my setup and music choices and Dexter nailed it. Great advice and products from Crutchfield.

Jim Turner wrote on May 5
Dexter was a great help on selecting a home theater projector. I followed his advice and WOW is all I can say. Everyone who watches my setup can't believe how good it looks and sounds.

John D. Vibberts wrote on January 17
Dexter was extraordinary in helping me with the purchase of our new Samsung TV. From the size to the type and through the shipping problems we had with UPS ground...they delivered it to the wrong location...Dexter was patient , thorough, and contentious. Making my Crutchfield experience a positive one, worthy of return business and recommendation to friends( which I have done ). Thank you Dexter!!!

mike wrote on July 3
excellent recommendation on the new speakers. they sound GREAT!!!

Chuck, Mid Pac Auto Ceter wrote on September 29
Love the Alpine! Thanks for your recommendations!

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