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My passion for electronics began when I was around 2 years old, I had already figured out how to change the input on my parents TV to the VCR and play my VHS tapes. I've grown up a bit since then but all things electronic continue to fascinate me. I still love to take apart everything and tinker with it until I know what every little piece does.

I've always been the go-to guy for my friends and family whenever they needed any help picking out their new fun toys, be it a camera, home theater system or even a custom built gaming PC. Not surprisingly then, my insatiable curiosity ultimately led me to my degree in Electronics and Computer Technology. And then when the opportunity to work at Crutchfield came about, I leapt at the chance and have loved every minute of it.

In my free time I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I'll read anything by Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson or Tolkien to name a few. I also enjoy gaming and watching movies on my quirky but excellent 40" Sony Google LED TV. As for music I am a total metal head. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian and Helloween are some of my all-time favorites. My current favorite way to listen is on my Klipsch Image S4 in-ears, for outstanding on-the-go sound.

I look forward to helping you pick out your next toy! Give me a call or send an email and I'll help you put together something amazing!

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Christopher wrote on October 1
I called in for some advice on headphones. I spoke with Peyton, who was very knowledgeable about a couple of the headphones I was interested in. After his help, I couldn't be happier with the selection we made. He was super friendly and great to chat with! Thanks again Peyton!

Andy wrote on September 15
Provided thoughtful, detailed advice via e-mail and promptly returned my call for a follow up question. Quality support -- greatly appreciate the help.

Ryan D wrote on July 24
Very helpful and patient! Guided us through several questions.


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