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I've been getting excited about the latest and greatest A/V equipment for as long as I can remember. After receiving a film degree from VCU, I worked in many different roles of commercial video production - producing, editing, and designing/building sets. When I got the opportunity to join Crutchfield it was a dream come true. My passion has always been exploring A/V systems and solutions, and now I get to share that excitement! When I'm not here, I'm usually riding or wrenching on motorcycles. I could talk gear and electronics all day long, so give me a call and I'll help find the best solution for you.

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Jack wrote on December 7
Long chat with Phillip. Amazing service. Answered all my questions, ordered me a Sony receiver that exceeds my requirements at one penny under my very optimistic budget. I was anticipating the need to spend $200 more for a unit that had a USB port, but I didn't have to. Very helpful at working with me on the interconnections with my other components. Quite thorough - even asked me if I have a spare HDMI cable. Good question, since I will need another cable that I do not currently own. Now, I will not be disappointed when the receiver arrives. I really cannot say enough good things about Phillip.

Dave wrote on May 22
I called Crutchfield to inquire about putting a new stereo in my daughter's car. I reached Phillip, who was incredible helpful. He helped me to find components that were a good fit for my budget and feature requirements. Very satisfied. Keep up the great work!


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