As far back as I can remember, music has been a central part of my life. My parents both studied music at the University of Michigan, and I grew up listening to my mom's piano students in our house. I picked up my first guitar at 15. I absolutely love playing and learning new songs and chords. Over the years, I've had amazing times at concerts with friends. I love working at Crutchfield because I can help people discover the best way to bring the transformative power of music into their home and car.

I've lived here in Virginia for 26 years. I love hiking and mountain biking, and there are abundant opportunities in the Charlottesville area to do both. I am also an amateur photographer. I studied visual communications at Ohio University. Images and music make me happier than just about anything, and I love talking about them, so give me a call!

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Michael Mock wrote on October 11
My recent call with Rex was extremely helpful. Rex not only solved my question with my recent purchase of of a Samsung LED TV but even went further looking up the manual on equipment not sold by Crutchfield in order to insure my setup was optimal. As a result my equipment (some of which I have been listening to for over a year!) ended up being a brand new experience. It's like I bought it new yesterday! It sounds great!!! It's support like Rex that will have me return over and over again!


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