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Hello, my name is Ethan and I'm an electronics addict. I've been offering tech support and now helping customers pick out new equipment to enjoy for over 9 years with Crutchfield. I've been obsessed with music, movies, and A/V gear since I was little. I really got hooked in 1989 when I heard my first high end system. My cousins had a 2 channel Bose sound system with a CD player. I had never heard anything like it. They owned one CD and I just sat there and listened to it over and over. I begged for and got my first CD player that Christmas. Since then I've been through a few home audio system. The latest is a Denon receiver with some Onkyo speakers and an Infinity powered sub. Movies and music both sound amazing.

I also got into car audio in my late teens. I installed some Pioneer speakers, a Pioneer CD player, and Pioneer amp that I purchased from Crutchfield. I loved their Catalogs and how they made it easy to choose the right equipment for your car and even show you how to install it all. I also purchased my then girlfriend and now wife, a stereo for her Birthday and installed that too.

I moved back to this area in 2002 and realized Crutchfield opened a call center here. Luckily they were hiring for tech support and I applied immediately. I just thought it would be great to work for a company that I had purchased from and loved for so long. For about 4 years I was part of our excellent tech support team and was able to help customers install and enjoy the equipment they purchased from us. I then moved over to phone sales for a few years and now help customers pick out their equipment via our online chat. Since working here I've tried to keep up with the technology personally by purchasing items that I use and love such as my Panasonic plasma TV, Playstation 3 which is used for games, Netflix, and Blu-ray movies. I also use a Pioneer navigation system in my car with some great Sound Ordnance speakers. I love being able to hook up my Galaxy Nexus Android phone to my stereo and listening to Spotify. I also use my Spotify account at work while I'm chatting away either with my boom box, or my Grado SR-80i headphones. If I can be off assistance with helping you pick out products to improve your music listening experience or movie watching experience then feel free to log into a chat session on our web site and ask for me, Ethan.

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Mitch wrote on September 17
I am a new Crutchfield customer. I found your website on the recommendation of my friend, and mechanic. Your website had a great way to filter down only the things that would work with my vehicle and allowed me to narrow the options even further for specific features I wanted. That made the shopping much easier. The compare feature on your site was also really helpful as I dug in for more detail on some of my early favorites. After about 15-20 minutes searching around, I had a good idea which radio I wanted to buy, but I still had some questions. That is where my shopping experience went from good to great! I started an online chat with Crutchfield and had the fantastic experience of working with Ethan. I asked him to help me make sure I wasn't missing anything that would be needed to install the radio in my vehicle. After only a few minutes, he came back with an already configured shopping cart link that I opened and could easily see the five or six other things that completed my installation kit. Ethan had done it all for me. He also talked through my price to make sure I understood everything that was included. Finally, Ethan gave me the personal confidence I needed to complete my purchase by providing his own recommendation to the system I selected. I was totally shocked by how helpful, easy, and exciting it was to buy my new car radio on! Please thank Ethan for the great customer service he provided today! He is the reason that I spent $211 today on your site! Thanks again! I will be back in the future!

Lee Montagna wrote on August 28
Thanks to Ethan, I am now a burgeoning audiophile. Yes, i have a ways to go, but Ethan advised me to pick up the Teac UD-501 instead of it's little brother, the Teac UD-301. It was a well spent extra $300! In the 2 weeks that Ethan helped send this little gem my way, I've been learning the tricks of getting the most out of my system and it's exceeded my expectations already. Thank you, Ethan, for sharing your expertise and making my introduction into high-fidelity audio relatively stress-free and enjoyable. Crutchfield has a new steady customer when it comes to purchasing my audio equipment.

Jerry wrote on July 3
Ethan: Thank you for you help with my Sonos Connect! It is on the way, will keep you updated on my install. I would not have purchased without your assistance.

Jim Ross wrote on April 30
This will be my second car sound system upgrade and I didn't need any assistance before. So happy to get another system from Crutchfield, which btw i can say, a company that is more focused on the end result than on sales; other companies will say anything, tell you anything and advise you to buy more things just to boost their sales - and ETHAN did exactly the opposite - he focused on the customer's need. He's patient, esp. after i told him that I'm a newbie :) Of course he didn't know that i did my homework earlier, i just want to get confirmation from an expert (my apologies to that deception). I'm a big AMAZON loyalist, but when it comes to sound loyalty is to CRUTCHFIELD! Thank ya'll :)

William Hitchings wrote on April 29
Ethan assisted me in what I could only describe as mind-numbing math, determining the appropriate AV rack for my relocated system, and quelling my uncertainties ordering in-wall speakers for an upcoming project. Because of Ethan, I have the correct products that work the way I intended and met my ideal price point. Ethan, I'll be coming back to you soon for a much, much larger order! :D

Larry wrote on April 11
Ethan assisted me with deciding on Sharp vs. Samsung large screen TV. Very helpful with info on a new Samsung model! Helped me to decide on the Samsung!

Dustin wrote on December 17
Helped me out with some questions regarding my car audio set up. Quick to respond and courteous. Thanks!

Kenneth wrote on October 10
Ethan is the man. He helped me pick out speakers, amp, and a sub without any complaints. I had many questions and he answered them without any confusion. I will be ordering the system we put together and will be installing it myself, which I never have before! Thanks again Ethan.

Bozanimal wrote on September 6
Ethan helped me with a very specific question regarding an install in a Sienna I had been researching. He saved me a big headache and a lot of money, as a result.

Steven Sasaki wrote on November 25
I was interested in adding a Bluetooth interface to my wife's 2006 Pilot. Ethan was quite knowledgeable of the products Crutchfield offers and directed me to a product made by USA Spec (BT35-Honda) that would plug directly into my vehicle harnessing and integrate directly with our factory Radio/XM/GPS. Thanks Ethan!

Ian Svoboda wrote on April 14
First time ordering from Crutchfield and I am seriously impressed. Ethan and I were originally disconnected in chat due to internet issues on my end, but he sent me an email with our conversation, a cart he had compiled, as well as his contact information which helped me get back in touch with him quickly and easily. I also didn't have to sit around and figure out what stuff we had picked out. Everything he recommended sounds fantastic in my vehicle (08 honda fit) and I look forward to making another purchase through him.

Jason Mann wrote on January 9
Ethan was very knowledgeable about the products I inquired about. I appreciate it and he even followed up with a thank you card in the mail for my order! Who does that nowadays? Thanks so much!

Chris wrote on July 11
Just got done utilizing the online chat advisor help with Ethan, He was very helpful, and from what I read on his page is the man I was looking for! I was alittle unsure on a JL product and he verified what I was looking for and sealed the deal on my decision. Thanks. (Sorry to read on the previous comment about the Mets thing... Phillies fan here...) If I have any more JL questions, Ethan is the man to go to.

Arick Miller wrote on December 30
You can tell talking to ethan that he knows what he is talking about. I will never order anything from this web sight without talking with him first. i look forward to dealing with you again! Thank you! ps. I got the wrong color sub so i will be calling you at 8am. Thanks again buddy

Mike wrote on July 9
Ethan was great. I have never installed a car stereo before, and was on the fence about it. After speaking with Ethan, he was optimistic that with the tools and instructions from Crutchfield I could handle the job. He was right! I uninstalled the old stereo and put in the brand new Pioneer unit in about two hours. I know that's probably much longer than it should take, but it was my first time! I soldered all the wires to the wiring harness, and everything fit perfectly. It looks great, sounds great, and works perfectly with my new iPhone 3GS. It is very satisfying to have done it myself, especially since my last stereo was installed "professionally" buy Circuit City and the FM radio barely came in and I now know why my head unit would constantly slip out of the dash (they didn't flip up the metal securing tabs on the DIN sleeve -- rookies). I spoke with Ethan for about 10 minutes and he took down all the info about my car and emailed me a cart which had everything I needed to fit the Pioneer unit in my 2001 Jetta. Had I not spoken to Ethan there's no way I would have attempted this myself. Ethan and Crutchfield saved me $90! Thanks!!

Bobby wrote on March 26
Ethan was very knowledgeable about the products and was quick to point me to the perfect head unit for my truck. Thanks!

Thomas wrote on February 15
Ethan was very friendly and helpful. He answerd my question quickly. HE is definately an asset to your company. The fact that he is a NEW YORK METS fan has nothing to do with it !


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Products I own or have recently tried

Denon AVR-391 - Home theater receiver with 3D-ready HDMI switching

Nikon Coolpix S6300 - 16-megapixel digital camera with 10X optical zoom

Sony BDP-S580 - 3D Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi®

Apple 8GB iPod touch® - Customizable Wi-Fi® digital media player with HD video

Sound Ordnance™ P-52 - 5-1/4" 2-way car speakers

Grado SR80i - On-ear headphones

My credentials

  • I've been with Crutchfield in the Product Support, and Sales departments for over 5 years.
  • I've installed home, and car equipment since about 1993.
Certifications and specialties
  • MECP certified
  • Completed JL Audio Premier Training Course
In-house product training
  • 13 weeks of classroom and hands-on installation training before taking calls
  • Ongoing training on new products and technologies