Electronics have always been a passion of mine. Starting with messing around with stereo systems when I was a kid and then graduating to computers, video games, etc. as I began to get older. There is just something to be said for opening up that new piece of electronics, hooking it up, and then finding out about all its bells and whistles. Whether it's a video game system and you are finding out what the interface is like for the first time or trying the latest games. Or whether it's a new home theater receiver and you hook it up and then try your best to get everything set up as optimally as possible.

Two of my biggest passions in electronics are definitely gaming and Apple products. I love trying out the latest video game and being transferred to another world. I think they give you that capability more so than movies because you get to control the main character of the story. And much of what goes on in the game is dependent on your actions and how you decide to play the game. Though I certainly enjoy a great action movie as well of course and love to just kick back and enjoy the movie.

I had my first Apple computer back in the 80s with the Apple IIGS, which not many people remember. I've been using their products ever since and it's really good to see them strong again. Recently, their products have found their way into my living room with the Apple TV. I love being able to use it to stream Netflix or to put up photos or movies I have stored on my computer. It really shows I think how computers and home entertainment are becoming linked in a very strong way. And it makes me wonder what kind of wonderful devices we are likely to be enjoying over the next few years.

This passion I have for electronics is something that many people are born with, but don't get the chance to use in a work environment. Working at Crutchfield has allowed me to work for a company where I can try to pass my passion for these products on to other people. I hope that they can share the same joy that I always do when I get a new piece of electronics. At Crutchfield, we sell toys. They are products and devices that people purchase to enrich their life and give them happiness. It's my job to help people find what they need to fit their specific needs so they can come away as happy as possible. And hopefully in doing so some of my passion for electronics can be transferred over to them as well.

I welcome you to our website and to the Crutchfield family. If there is anything I or anyone else here can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.

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Kyle wrote on March 15
Chad helped me find the perfect head unit and gave me a link to a cart with every product I needed to get the new unit installed. It felt nice talking to a human instead of feeling like a robot was on the other side!

Colby wrote on January 29
Chad helped me find a part I was needing to integrate my stereo with my steering wheel controls. He found the part based on my vague, badly worded description, and found it lightning fast!

Regan wrote on November 15
Chad helped me choose the right radio for all of my needs. I wanted a fromt load CD radio with Bluetooth capablitites for my Ford, Chad found the right one. Thank you for your help Chad.

Todd wrote on December 3
Chad helped me select an economy unit for my second vehicle, we chatted for several weeks before I was able to decide "get the wife to agree". He was great and matched a system that worked perfectly for my budget "had to keep the wife happy" and me. Thanks Chad!

Matt L wrote on November 26
Great customer service from Chad....made a great effort to help(and did) with my questions. Chad made me feel comfortable and didn't rush me. Thanks for a great job.

Jeremy wrote on September 6
Chad was very helpful, not only did he add items to my cart that I needed for my sub but he made sure they were the best and most decently priced for my budget. Ill defintely be coming back to crutchfield because of the wonderful customer service. Thanks Chad!

Ryan wrote on January 24
Chad helped me online make me feel comfortable with my purchase with crutchfield. He also explained to me how to keep my head unit with adding an amp. I just wish I could speak to him every time. He took about half hour to an hour giving me information and advice. Very helpful guy! I emailed crutchfiled again, to get his opinion on a future sub....since I already talked to another advisor I was written off as already answered even though I asked for Chad. Thumbs down Crutchfield! Thumbs up to Chad!

John Dinsmore wrote on October 20
Very helpful.... Knew what to say when i asked a question.... Talk to him if u wanna know what to do! Thanks Chad!

Michael wrote on October 1
I called earler to get some information to upgrade my system and chad was great to talk with. very professional and was very easy to talk too. he listened to what I wanted to do and together we came up with some great solutions for my upgrade. I'll make sure the next time I have an audio need, I will give him a call. he was awesome.

Robert wrote on July 27
Chad was extremely helpful, he helped me pick out my new radio which I love! it wasnt too expensive and seems to be the best bang for my buck. Chad talked to me for a good 10 or 15 minutes giving his actual opinion and his honesty which helped a lot, I'm definetly going to ask for him when I go to ask about what subs and amp I should get. Thanks Chad!

Andrew wrote on June 6
Chad was amazingly helpful. It's employees like this that make a company stand out. He was very helpful and didn't direct me to unneccesary things. He put together everything I wanted that fit my budget and was very nice. I will now be directing all of my buddies to this site and Chad. Great work from a great worker.

Derick Veliz wrote on April 13
Thanks Chad for the information about products, and honesty.


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