I've been at Crutchfield since June of 1996. I've been helping customers buy the right products from us for many years, and now I supervise and train our Advisor Group.

I've worked as a D.J. on our local Rock n' Roll radio station, I do video production on the side (www.youtube.com/astoff), and I play drums in a band called Ice House Road (www.icehouseroad.net).

When I'm driving around in my truck I'm either listening to music or talk on SiriusXM, I am a self proclaimed Satellite Radio Junkie, and I still have and love my Sirius Stiletto.

My step-son, Chester is in the Air Force. My daughter, Alison, has her own horse, a paint horse named Phoenix. My wife Angela, is not just a stay-at-home-mom -- she also homeschools Alison and homeschooled Chester before he went off to college.

My second favorite room in the house is the home theater where I regularly watch movies, sports and TV shows including; The Office, Rescue Me, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Top Gear, Parks and Rec, and whatever else I can find interesting on Instant Netflix (like a documentary about a parking lot in Charlottesville).

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Peter wrote on November 14
Called about a projector and learned what I really needed. JR helped me put together a home theater system that functions and does what I need it to do! Had I bought what I thought I needed I would have been disappointed. Thanks for the great explanation and guidance.

Bob K. wrote on December 26
After over a year of reviewing, analyzing, etc., I finally pulled the plug on upgrading my home theater to the Klipsh Reference series (52 ii). JR was great and went above and beyond in assisting me with an issue. Thanks and I'll definitely hit you up in the future!

Matt Tyree wrote on May 20
J.R. hooked me up with an awesome system for my '85 Chrysler Laser XT. I told him I wanted something that just sounded great, well-rounded, with some low-end, but no ear-splitting bass. Wow, did he ever deliver! I now have an Infinity sound system powered by a JVC head unit and Alpine amplifier. I don't have to listen to that rattly, scratchy 30 year old "Premium" system anymore! I can roll with the T-tops off and HEAR the music...well! Excellent!!! And, I didn't have to destroy any original parts to the car...even better! Thanks, J.R.! You da man!

Glenn S. wrote on May 16
Top Rating! Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable are adjectives I would use to describe JR. He asked the right questions, listened, and provided the proper equipment I would need to install a rooftop antenna. Customer service like this is rare and should be commended. Thanks JR!

Anthony wrote on October 16
J.R. was really helpful and really knew his stuff. He explained all the options for me to replace the factory equipment in my '06 Mustang, and helped me pick out the speakers that best fit my needs. Thanks!

Dennis N wrote on April 22
JR recommended my new surround sound system for my house(Onkyo receiver and Sony Blue Ray player and it absolutely sounds incredible with very little tweaking. He sold me what works, not what cost more. Thanks

Dan Kas wrote on March 16
JR has provided outstanding service right from the start, (and not just telling me what I want to hear). Thanks to the Class A service provided by JR and Crutchfield, I will utilize them for ALL of my audio/video needs. JR, Thank you!

Charlie (C.R.) wrote on February 6
J.R. spent a lot of time explaining all of my options on car stereo enhancement. He did a great job and provided all the answers I needed. Thanks!


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