Mi pasión son la música y la fotografía. Una de las razones por la cual me encanta trabajar aquí, es que puedo probar muchos de los productos que vendemos en el sitio llamado "Crutchfield Labs". Poder ver y probar todos los nuevos productos de audio y de cámaras hacen que pueda asistir a nuestros clientes en buscarles el producto más apropiado para sus necesidades. Por favor llámeme y con mucho gusto lo ayudaré.

My passion is for music and photography. One of the best reasons about working at Crutchfield, is that I get to test out a lot of the wonderful equipment that we sell at the "Crutchfield Labs". Being able to see and sample all the latest camera and audio gear makes my job much more exciting and helps me assist my customers in finding the right product for their application. Please give me a call so I help you find the best possible product for your needs.

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Giovanni Miranda wrote on December 1
I am Giovanni Miranda de Puerto Rico and want to let Gil know always is available to guide me in relation to any equipment of audio and video. So much so that I already purchased a Yamaha Receiver RX-A2020 and soon two towers Definitive Technology. Gil thanks for your valuable help always!

Carlos Estima wrote on August 4
Quero agradecer ao Gill pela ajuda, estou fora dos EUA e sem ele nao teria conseguido fazer minha compra. Muito obrigado. // I want to thank Gill for their help, I'm outside the U.S. and without their help I would not have been able to make my purchase. Thank you.

Julio A. wrote on April 28
I would like thank Gil for his help to make my transaction a successful and rewarding one. I placed my order for an A/V receiver, but since I live outside the U.S. there were some items that required to be verified about the shipping and billing addresses, and about the credit card issuer and so on. Gil oriented me, very courteously and with a great deal of patience, about how to provide all the appropriate information for placing my order. Lo mejor de todo fue que la comunicacion fue en mi idioma, con lo cual se agilizo notablemente el proceso. Hable con el por telefono, y tambien me comunique por e-mail, en ambos casos la atencion fue de primera. Tan pronto suministre la informacion, Gil verifico que la transaccion se realizara. Yo habia leido sobre el legendario servicio al cliente de Crutchfield, y con mi compra quedo demostrado; estoy impresionado del profesionalismo del personal, desde el soporte de ventas, hasta el de atencion al cilente. De seguro esta no sera mi ultima compra con ustedes. Saludos desde Panama, y gracias!

Brian wrote on March 15
Poor Gil had to deal with me during a support exchange via chat. Of course it didn't help that my internet was being slow, and on top of that, I didn't have all of the information that I needed right in front of me. Regardless, he was very patient in dealing with my somewhat complex exchange scenario, in addition to answering my endless list of "one-more" questions. Furthermore, Gil seemed to take pleasure in providing me with top-notch assistance! What's in the water over there? Is Gil's desk right next to the fountain? Thanks again, Gil, for exceeding my expectations for the quality of service I get from Crutchfield every time. Truly the GOLD standard!

C.Fernandez wrote on August 28
Excelente profecional en la materia, y tiene muy buena relacion humana . Gracias por su servicio

Omar Moreno wrote on July 13
Quiero aprovechar este momento para agradecer a Gil toda la ayuda y colaboracion brindada mientras realizaba mi compra, ya he recibido mi articulo, pero deseaba expresar la satisfaccion que me ha dado comprarle a esta empresa y las excelentes atenciones de Gil. >> translated in English: I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Gil for all the help and support he gave me as I went through the process of placing my order. I've already received my purchase, but I wanted to express the satisfaction I got by buying from your company and the excellent service from Gil.

Nestor wrote on June 21
Gil has provided my best online shopping experience ever... I had a problem with my billing address and he helped me with my problem in a very professional and enthusiastic way. This was my first experience with crutchfield, and so far I can say that when it comes to customer service I've been more than satisfied. Thank you Gil for such a personalized and great service.


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