I started out in electronics and computers at around the age of 10. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum that used to give me static shocks but didn't stop me from using it. As I became older, I started to get more into 2-channel audio and had a very keen ear for detail. My first real system was an Arcam Alpha power and preamp with Tannoy speakers. Since then, I tend to always try to keep up to date with newer equipment and listen to as much of it as possible.

I started working for Crutchfield back in September 2000 and like that I get to chat with people about the things I love. I have installed a few car systems, help put home systems together and set them up for friends, and I'm still called upon to set all digital clocks for family at times (a habit that started when I was a kid).

The most involved installation I have been through was when I decided it would be a great idea to put a car into a computer and built my own little Knight rider car equipped with infrared cameras in the front/rear and a PC hidden under a fake floor in the trunk with a touchscreen monitor for control in the front. Right now I have a plasma TV (Samsung), 3 sets of headphones (Polk, Monster & Klipsch for different occasions), B&W Zeppelin, Denon receiver, Polk speakers, iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3 and Slingbox to name the most used items.

If you need help picking something out, feel free to get in touch with this self confessed geek. I'm all too happy to talk about the things that make my life enjoyable.

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Ed wrote on February 10
Adam was very helpful with selecting the correct HDMI cables based on my intended use. I will recommend Adam to all my friends.

Abedelkareem Sharawi wrote on November 29
Adam assisted me via chat to select the proper car stereo based on my needs. Now am back and purchased my item can't wait to get it. Thank you Adam

Joe wrote on August 17
extremely helpful, knowledgeable

Dave wrote on June 25
Adam assisted me via chat to select the proper car stereo based on my needs. He quickly answered my questions accurately and was very helpful.

Sione wrote on October 2
Thanks Adam! You really help me pick the right NAV for my 2011 Subaru STi!

Reid wrote on September 25
Adam took my call today about my defective Pioneer DEH-80PRS and quickly diagnosed the issue and offered to send out a replacement radio same day. Very quick service and great attitude. Thanks Adam -Reid

Ken wrote on February 28
Adam was really helpful when I made an inquiry. Good information and very patient with my questions. Great job!

Carlos Marin wrote on February 21
One of the best assets Crutchfield have. I'm a happy customer thanks to Adam. /// Uno de los mejores activos de Crutchfield. Soy un cliente satisfecho gracias a Adam.

Denis Malcolm wrote on August 7
Adam was very helpful in an online chat.

Bryant A. wrote on May 17
Adam helped me a lot with my 1998 Cavalier. Suggested some great kicker speakers. They sound great and were a great deal with all the free installation gear. Thanks!

Ian Taylor wrote on September 11
Adam was very helpful!! I really didn't know that much about what system I wanted to put into my car, but Adam helped me so much. He asked me questions I didn't even think of, or knew that mattered. He spent a lot of time with me checking and figuring stuff. I had a somewhat tight budget for a whole system, but he helped find the best for the budget I had.

Bob wrote on September 7
I talked to Adam about a new GPS. He was very helpful I was interested in the TomTom being I had a older one and wanted to upgrade. He answer all my questions on the new one that I had.

Logan wrote on March 2
Adam was great! Spoke with him today about an alpine head unit. He answered all my questions. Gave me some great recommendations for speakers. Looking forward to working with him again! Thanks

sharry wrote on January 10
Adam spent a lot of time with me 12/28/09 going over what I could do to get Sirius hooked up in my truck, going over the various options I had since I had a lifetime subscription with them but had an XM radio in the GMC. With his help, I came to the perfect solution, and have placed my first Crutchfield order. I've never experienced such great customer support from an on-line order, and I will gladly recommend your company to all my friends!

Margaret wrote on December 6
I chatted with Adam to try and figure out the best car stereo to add to my Kia Rondo. I know little to nothing about this kind of stuff and figured that I wouldn't get much information when my husband suggested talking to a Crutchfield advisor. Boy, was I wrong. Adam asked me great questions that lead him down the path to an awesome stereo. He also made sure to follow up with me after the initial recommendation. We bought what he suggested and absolutely love it! And I have to say - I was so very impressed to receive a handwritten note in the mail from him. Awesome customer service - I am now a customer for life!! Thanks again, Adam!

Richard wrote on March 10
Adam was very professional, quick, and helpful. He was able to find the installation tools I needed very quickly, and help me out with some of the finer details. Thanks Crutchfield for employing great folks like Adam!


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