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Born in Norfolk, VA (a long, long time ago), and grew up the son of a US Navy Captain. We lived in Mystic CT, where I began my professional music career at the age of 7. I studied under the Royal School of Church Music as a boy chorister at St. James Episcopal Church in New London, CT and toured Europe twice before the age of 12. We moved back to Alexandria, VA where I graduated from Ft Hunt High School.

I went to Berklee College of music where I majored in woodwind performance and minored in audio engineering. While playing saxophone in a band on the Jersey shore during the summers, I was discovered by a vacationing Epic records rep who recruited me to audition for Patti Labelle's first solo tour - I got the job! After playing with Patti Labelle I was asked to perform with, and do the arranging for, Sister Sledge on Atlantic records, and as fate would have it we went triple platinum during our first tour. After retiring from "life on the road" I returned to my musical roots and for the past 24 years I have been the organist and musical director at my church.

For the last 40 years I have also been actively involved in the electronics business, working in recording studios, designing and installing audio systems in homes, cars, RV's and boats. This experience, along with my extensive musical knowledge, gives me the tools I need to assist my Crutchfield customers with finding the right products to purchase which meet their needs and budget.

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Will Cochrane wrote on April 13
Dallas has been helping me with home theater orders for years now. He is extremely valuable to the Crutchfield team. I couldn't ask for more. THANKS, DALLAS!

Jerry wrote on August 10
Dallas helped me find a stereo for my truck and was very helpful when finding me a good deal. I had a small issue with the metal sleeve that locks the stereo in the dash, but he quickly got me what I needed. Thanks Dallas!

David wrote on June 17
I needed help with my 1967 VW Bug. I wanted to install a stereo in the glove box and Dallas had just the solution to help me. He included everything I needed to make sure the install was easy. Thank you for all your help and support!

Glenn Namian wrote on May 28
Dallas and I chatted about a Magna (MTX) subwoofer/amp package for my 75 Eldorado. He assured me that what I was planning to do would work, and that the package would do the trick. It did indeed and then some. I am amazed at how it sounds and how my system is performing. Someone pulled up next to me at a light and said "Man it sounds like Tower of Power is on stage in your car".

Franklin Olszewski wrote on April 1
i called this morning to get some info. on yahama a-s 500 i got the info without any pressure to buy he gave me his contact and ext # in case i wanted to get this product no pressure to make a sale thats what i like this guy is a great sales man and a expert in electronics with some good knowledge thanks Dallas for taking care of my order A+++

Sam K wrote on January 4
I don't buy AV equipment very often, but I love having the same knowledgable advisor each and every time. Not only this, but I have found the lifetime tech support offered by Crutchfield priceless.

Ben wrote on February 20
I had recently started researching home audio systems. I decided to give Crutchfield customer service a try, because the website preaches how amazing it is. After inputting my phone number and waiting for less than two minutes, my phone rang and Dallas was on the other line. He and I talked for at least a half hour while putting a home audio system together for me. He was very thorough and meticulous in the questions he asked me, and ended up recommending speakers that were two-thirds of the price of the ones I was thinking of purchasing; citing that the extra money wasn't worth spending for what I want to use my home audio system for. His honesty and patience with my endless string of questions has gained him a lifetime customer.

John wrote on January 2
I'd like to thank Dallas for the help he provided today in helping me select speakers for my car. He is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. He explains the whys and why nots. Great help. Can't wait to get the new speakers and try them out. Thanks Dallas

Carrie wrote on July 5
Thanks to Dallas for his encouraging and knowledgeable answers to my questions as a newbie about to buy and install a car stereo as a surprise for my husband. Dallas even double-checked a few things I hadn't thought of before I placed my order. I'm happy to report that the installation went smoothly and it's the 1st time I truly surprised my husband. I installed it in the wee hours of night so it was in his car and working perfectly when he woke up the next day. He loves the upgraded stereo and the fact that I did it! Now I'm eyeing an upgrade to MY car's stereo, and I plan to call Dallas for his insight. Thank you!

Joe Scarpo wrote on November 29
Dallas, I can't thank you enough for your assistance today. Because I was so impressed with your assistance and knowledge, I sent a note to Bill Crutchfield to let him know how great it was to work with you. Have a wonderful holiday season. I am certain you will make many people happy. Thank you

Kim wrote on July 12
Excellent knowledge, particularly power needs. Patient with my "identity theft" twitchiness. Asked the right questions about the receiver/amp I bought. Very, very good.

Mark Furjanic wrote on May 14
Dallas has been my advisor for more years than I can remember and I consider him a great friend that I just haven't met in person. Through countless purchases he's never steered me wrong at all and I trust his judgment and knowledge completely.

Perry Huntley wrote on March 4
Dallas was a huge help on an item that I added onto my original order at the last minute. He was quick and thorough, making sure I had what I needed in my order. Thanks to his quick actions, my 2nd order was on the same truck as the original. The bottom line here is I can now install TWO stereos this new Pioneer DEH4200UB in my Kia, and my previous Crutchfield purchased Pioneer DEH2100IB in my daughter's Jetta. She will be thrilled! Thanks again Dallas!

Mike P wrote on August 17
Dallas helped me design my home theatre system from precontruction wiring through to actual installation. He went above and beyond and was always there for any problem or issue. I have already told everyone I know about this service that Crutchfield has and what a great company. Now ifhe could get someone to write the Denon manuals so that you can understand them :) Thanks Dallas

Dana wrote on February 10
Dallas quickly and professionally handled my order. I just wanted to thank him for the very fast and painless ordering process.

Steve Sullivan wrote on August 11
Dallas went beyond what I expected from a customer care representative today when I called asking for advice on a car audio component set-up. He took the time to explain why I should purchase certain items and even advised me to scale back on one of the items I was looking at. I feel more confident than ever that my project will proceed smoothly thanks in part to Dallas' good advice. Keep up the good work!


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