My name is Ryan and I'm a 40+ year-old married man suffering from a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome. Some people might call it "Young at Heart" but I think my situation is direr. From Legos to laser tag, I've always loved toys. As I've gotten older, my taste in toys has become more elaborate and expensive.

In my 14+ years here at Crutchfield, I've amassed a decent collection of toys. Currently, I own the Sony KDL-46NX810 LED 3D television, a Denon AVR-1912 receiver, an XboxOne, Nintendo Wii (gathering dust), TiVo Premiere, Infinity Beta 40 tower speakers, the Infinity Beta C360 center channel, and Infinity Primus 140 bookshelf surrounds.

In my vehicle, I have the Kenwood DNN-990HD GPS receiver with an Alpine HCE-C155 rear-view camera. At this time, I still have the stock speakers (Blasphemy, I know) but am adding a JL Audio 8W3v3 subwoofer and some aftermarket speakers in the very near future. I have a ProFit dash mount for my iPhone which is my primary source of audio content in my vehicle.

If you've read this far, good for you; I'm impressed. I will "reward" you with a little more info about my interests.

Music: Mainly rock, blues, jam bands, some R&B, rap and hip hop. I hate to name individual artists because I always forget someone. Looking in my "Top 25 Most Played" playlist in iTunes, I find The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket, G-Love and Special Sauce, The Black Crowes, Cake, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, moe., Transplants, Beastie Boys, Weezer, Allman Brothers, Ben Folds Five, RHCP, Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Marley, Green Day, 311, and Phish.

Sports: All Pittsburgh teams. I'm a huge Steeler fan. I've been to 3 games in Baltimore & 2 at Heinz field (Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!). I'm also a Pirate fan. After 20 straight losing seasons (major sports record) it's nice to have the Buccos back in contention again. The Penguins won their third Stanley Cup in 2009 and have a solid roster that's in contention every year now. (Let's Go Pens!)

Hobbies: Golf. I try to play something that resembles golf but I usually fail miserably. I love live music and attend as many shows and local festivals that I can (Lockin' FTW!). I'm also a gaming geek and enjoy playing online with friends & co-workers.

,p>Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. Okay, maybe a conch shell. Either way; I'm a just a simple guy with a lifelong electronics addiction.

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Harry wrote on April 24
Ryan was instrumental in me not bringing my jeep to a to have my work done. I was apprehensive about going at my new rubicon's sub-par system but with an uplifting conversation and a few suggestions I feel confident I can pull this off myself. Ryan was helpful with adapter kits and audio knowledge to steer me in the right direction with the system I am looking to build. Bill Crutchfield has a great employee here and Ryan is an asset to his business. Thank you for your service guys.

Donald Gill wrote on March 14
Ryan was most helpful today with all the questions I had for him about a surround sound system and how to hook it up. He was great to deal with and answered all my questions. I can't say enough about how much he helped me understand what I was needing to know.

Dwight wrote on March 7
Amazing customer service experience! This was my first time purchasing car audio equipment AND my first time dealing with Crutchfield. As a novice, I was impressed with the information and the attention to detail. I'd already done some research into what I wanted. Ryan asked good, directive questions to ensure I had my needs met by the stereo I purchased. He made recommendations for similar products at lower prices and clearly explained the differences. I was grateful for his expertise and efficiency. I will ABSOLUTELY be referring friends to Crutchfield and will return for similar purchases in the future.

2-D wrote on February 3
just finished a chat with ryan about my future subs, he was insanely knowledgable about what i was looking for and what i was going to complement my system with. thanks for the help. its people like him that help give crutchfield such a good name.

Marty G wrote on June 5
Bang, Boom, Pow! Being in the customer relations field I get a chance to gauge good, bad, awful, and rarely excellent service on my day to day adventures. Having spent a bit a time with Ryan via chat I must say that the service received was Bomb Dot Com. My new head unit is on the way and I can't wait to get that bad boy installed. This was my first purchase thru Crutchfield and although I remember the magazine as a kid I never had it in me to pull the trigger on buying electronics online. A new customer for life and much thanks go out to Crutchfield and the superior service provided by Ryan. Cheers!

Mark S. wrote on March 29
I was basically just starting to shop for a new tuner and really didn't know anything about them. Spoke to Ryan and he took the time to ask questions about how I would be using the tuner and what I wanted to do with it. I never felt I was being sold something. I felt he was providing a solution for me. Very pleased with his service.

Matt wrote on May 11
I just bought a Kenwood DNX6180 in dash DVD/Navigation system for my 2004 Sequoia with Ryan's help. He was highly knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and professional. Compared to my experience at Best Buy, where I was assisted by a hapless 17 year old who knew next to nothing about the products he was pitching, this was far more satisfying. The feature where he was able to show me related products by loading the product key compensated for most of the limitations of shopping online. I really feel like I received personal, human help. This is a great credit both to Ryan and Crutchfield. I can't wait to get my gear.

Michael D Windhorst wrote on January 26
This is the way I like to shop, Thanks Ryan ! lay it all out in an email with links. I had everything on its way in less than 7 minutes. Only thing to improve is if you sent a Bud light with the order.

Ron wrote on September 17
Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I buy via mail/web order with some trepidation. Well, Ryan made my purchase an easy button transaction. He walked me through all of the decision-making I had to do with the utmost patience; never a hint of "pressure," just knowledgeable advice. My player arrived today, and my trust in Ryan and Crutchfield was greatly rewarded. Cheers, Ryan!

gayaren wrote on May 21
I bought a stereo from another online retailer 2 days ago, and when I tried to call to find out about accessories, they had me on hold for 1 hour, and then I was told they couldn't help me. I canceled my order, and immediately placed it with crutchfield, and I have to say that you are the absolute, ultimate best in customer service. Besides have my order shipped out immediately, I didn't have to go searching for accessories, and there was always someone to help. You never appreciate good customer service until you don't have it. Thanks a million!

Travis wrote on August 30
My experience with Ryan will change me from a first time customer to a lifetime Crutchfield customer. However much he makes he needs a raise. Beyond knowledgeable and helpful, just simply the best customer service I have ever received.


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Denon AVR-1912 - Home theater receiver with 3D-ready HDMI switching and Apple AirPlay®

Infinity Beta™ 40 - Floor-standing speaker

Sony KDL-46NX810 - 46" 3D-capable, 1080p LED-LCD HDTV with built-in Wi-Fi®

Kenwood Excelon DNN990HD - Navigation receiver with Wi-Fi®

Alpine HCE-C155 - Universal rear-view camera

Alpine KTX-C10LP - License plate mounting kit for select Alpine rear-view cameras

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