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Hi Ya'll! I've been an AV fan for over 30 years and was so excited when I got this job at Crutchfield! This job is a dream come true for a techie geek like me, don't hate me for it please! lol!

This company is very family oriented, just like me. They love to provide great customer service, just like me. And they offer really cool things, that I just like! ( I bet you thought I was going to say just like me.) So I fit right in and have been here for many years, with no plans of ever doing anything else!

My favorite spot to listen to music is the car. There's just something about that enclosed environment that really lets the music penetrate your soul, where you can really feel the beat! I have Kenwood Excelon head unit paired with some fantastic Boston Acoustics SC60 components in the front and the matching SC65 six and a half's in the rear. Of course I also added an Alpine MRP-F300 4 channel amp to give the speakers a little boost which made all the difference; power equals clarity. Recently added the Sound Ordinance B8PT 8" self powered sub in the cargo, it sounds amazing! I really love installing car audio, it's instant gratification when you are finished and sit in the driver's seat and really listen to what you've created, nice!

We are big movie buffs around my house and love our home theater; everyone wants to come to our house for movie night! At home I have a 55" Sony HDTV, flanked by a pair of Polk LSI15 tower speakers with an accompanied by the Polk RM87 surrounds. I recently purchased the Denon 1912 home theater receiver along with a 280 watt subwoofer, my house rocks! Give me a call and I'll be happy to help you get the home theater that will be the envy of your neighborhood too.

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Joe wrote on July 18
Thanks for helping me with my order! You guys are the best!

Ken wrote on February 27
Dear Mr. Crutchfield, I have just placed an order for a car stereo and I was ordering online but thought I should speak with someone at Crutchfield to make sure I wasn't making a mistake with my choice. I was so blessed to get Rhonda, a Crutchfield Advisor. I know from past experience with your company all of the employees are knowledgeable but Rhonda was an absolute joy! She helped me more than I ever expected, she made me feel good about myself and really good about your company. I have always felt that a business could have integrity towards the employees, the customers and the products. It seemed impossible to find that in actuality until I spoke with Rhonda today and realized that you have done it!! I congratulate you on succeeding in the manner that you have. I wish ALL businesses would follow your methods of integrity, kindness, reliability and good old American values. Rhonda is an incredible person and she knows that you are as well, so I say "takes one to know one". I hope you know how incredible she is. I am not a letter writer often. I wish I had the ability to say what I feel in a better way, but I'll bet that you can understand the message I am trying to get out to you. I am looking forward to my new stereo, but strangely, ordering it has been one the best experiences I've had in a long time. I actually have hope for the world of business in the U.S.A. once again! Please keep doing what you do. I am sure that it will be contagious and can really change the world.

Jerry wrote on August 10
Rhonda was extremely friendly and helpful. She assisted me in selecting a stereo sound solution for my truck's factory speaker replacement. She helped me find a good deal on all of my speakers as well as a sub that would fit in the cramped space. I will definitely be doing business with her again.

Greg in Fla wrote on January 15
Rhonda, thanks so much for your excellent help and patience. I'm a bit old-school, coming from a quality 2 channel stereo set up, but now going to full Home Theater for the first time. I knew about quality RCA connects and speaker cables, but was a little lost when it came to the newer audio/video connection options. Rhonda was great in helping me get exactly what I needed, rather than me researching for hours to untangle the myriad of connection options AND product offerings. I did some basic research and then Rhonda completed my education and pointed me directly to the quality products I needed in no time at all. Thanks again, Rhonda - - you're fantastic!

Craig Hunter wrote on December 20
The best customer service rep that I have ever talked to .Can I hire you ?

Rhonda Brown wrote on August 15
I am completely and totally amazed by the excellent customer service provided to me by Rhonda. I was looking for a car stereo for my son and she guided me through the selection and kept my budget in mind the entire time. She was very thorough and it's obvious she knows what she's talking about. Amazing customer service is hard to find these days, if you want the best I definitely recommend Rhonda and Crutchfield!!

Frank Frazier wrote on June 18
She was very helpful

Frank Frazier wrote on June 8
Rhonda was fantistic. She put up with my dumb questions and guided me to what I think was the best camera for what I wanted. I was very pleased (at least until I get the camera I ordered). I thought she was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to talk to

big al wrote on December 27
I have used crutchfield in the the past but never was as happy as i am since speeking to rhonda. The girl knows her stuff and she actually listens to what you want and she also knows what you need. Recently on 2 ocassions I have had antenna issues and she told me about products I never knew existed. Saveing me a lot of time and agony rewiring with direct connections. thank you rhonda, you are like a friend in the business. I look foward to dealing with you again. You have made a big headache go away.

jim ifert wrote on December 8
Rhonda was very helpful in getting the answers to my technical questions.I was a little concerned about the level of technical training my rep would have but after reading Rhonda's bio it is obvious that I was in very good hands in completing my transaction. As a retired retail manager I know the value of associates who are engaged with the customer. You and I are both fortunate that Rhonda works for Crutchfield.

Arthur wrote on July 28
I recently got the privilege of speaking to Rhonda about speakers for my car. She really knows what shes talking about! I got my new set of speakers today and they sound great! Keep up the good work and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future for other orders. Thanks again Rhonda!!!!

Russel Cheatwood wrote on February 8
I recently placed a large order and Rhonda was my advisor. She was great she answered all my questions and also returned all my calls, With customer service like this i will definitely be using Crutchfield again, and thanx again Rhonda for everything.

Brandon wrote on January 30
Rhonda is an absolute Rockstar. She was completely honest and respectful of my lack of knowledge when it comes to car audio. She suggested an amp and speakers to upgrade my current stock setup and was tremendously knowledgable about my truck down to the types of baffles that would work the best. Thanks so much!

Barry Reade wrote on November 10
I called with a couple of questions and was assigned to Rhonda as an advisor. She was great!! Answered all my questions and gave me her work phone # if I have anymore questions. What a breath of fresh air in our society of 2010. Thanks, I will be calling back and will be giving my business to Crutchfield

Trey Chitty wrote on July 27
I was wanting to get a new led tv. I knew the model that I wanted. I called Crutchfield and talked to a very nice advisor named Rhonda. She answered all my questions without ever pushing a sale. I knew that I was going to buy a tv, I just was not sure of the size and price. I must have called her 10 times over the next week or so. Everytime she answered she was very polite and again never pushed the sale. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated her knowledge and help. I will buy from her again. Thanks Rhonda!

Wayne Kubeck wrote on August 21
Rhonda, just wanna say thanks for helping me out with my purchase so late at night when the website approved me for the Sony card and then wouldn't complete the checkout process!! World class service as usual!! I just looked up my order and saw I have been ordering products since 1991!! Wow, its been a long time but it just seems like yesterday!! Just to give you an idea what were pairing the Sony ES blue ray to heres a list of my system: B&K Reference 50 pre/pro B&K Reference 7250 power amp Denon DCM-560 CD Changer Sony DVP-9000ES (My old dvd player) Monster HTS 5000 Reference Power Center Boston VRM-90 Main Speakers Boston VR-12 Center Velodyne DD-12 Digital Drive Sub Boston VR-40 Towers for surround... Thanks Again Wayne

Kyle Hutcherson wrote on August 19
I Called and asked a question about a Car Radio, Rhonda was such a great help and I called back later and asked several questions for which she had detailed answers for and because of her patience and friendly attitude, I ended up buying the Radio. Thanks Rhonda

shirley tennant wrote on August 6
Instead of them being called an advisor, they should be called friends and supporters, she took care of me when I purchased, then when I was having problems with the stilleto I bought, she again took care of me, she feels like my sister, she sent me to tech support to a guy named Matt, he was also GREAT, I can't say enough, THANK you!

James wrote on March 1
A great lady I came across while doing my shopping at Crutchfield. She always gives good recommendations and sometimes i find it out the hard way and have to return what I thought would be best and get what she recommended. No Pressure sales, she is located in a part of Virginia I was born and raised. She is like the top of the website says a Personal Advisor, but to me she is more of a friend. So give her a call and find out for yourself. ALso ask her about her New Grandbaby!


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