After twenty years in the restaurant and music business, my wife made me get a real job. After fifteen plus years at Crutchfield, I can't figure out why I didn't make it here sooner. This is such a great place to work.

While I am not a real techy guy, I do love good music and watching sports in high def. I really do enjoy helping people pick out grownup toys. Call me, I can help.

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Sam N wrote on April 8
Called to add the free subwoofer to my order of speakers that I missed to add while ordering. Buzz was pleasant to talk to and he knew exactly what I was looking at. He added the subwoofer to my existing order. All in all a short and pleasant experience.

Jeff Hendrickson and daughter Jen Hendrickson wrote on December 16
Over the years I have done much business with Crutchfield and have done most of it, if not all, with Buzz. Top Notch Salesman, Crutchfield Rep and Pleasant Person. Thank you!

Tony K. wrote on March 11
As I was dialing, I was not sure of the level of expertise or the of the attention span of the rep I would get connected to. Buzz quickly allayed those concerns. He had the tools, the expertise, and the commitment to quality service that I needed, and he was able to help me configure a system that met my stated needs and ALSO offered a lot of bang for the buck. In retrospect, why did I even bother shopping brick and mortar? I got better prices, and WAY better service and expertise from Buzz and Crutchfield. Color me surprised! Thank you Buzz!

Doug Jay wrote on December 6
He's a top-notch advisor, a hell of a businessman and a damn good-looking guy.

Bill Darling wrote on March 9
Buzz got right down to business and helped me instantaneously to solve my problem with my new TV. I appreciate the professionalism shown by Crutchfield over the years and hope there will be many more successful ones for y'all!


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  • Crutchfield Advisor since 1993
In-house product training
  • 13 weeks of classroom and hands-on installation training before taking calls
  • Ongoing training on new products and technologies