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Hi, I'm Chuck. Since I began my career at Crutchfield way back in 1999, I've been able to witness numerous new technologies in the ever-changing world of electronics, from the evolution of the iPod to the transition to HDTV. It's always exciting to attend our frequent hands-on product trainings to be introduced to the newest car audio and home theater gear on the market.

When away from work, my biggest passion is playing golf, but I also enjoy working out, playing guitar, and watching all types of sports, especially my beloved Kentucky Wildcat basketball team. On a rainy day away from the golf course, it's always a nice consolation to be able to crank the home theater up and watch a good movie.

Feel free to give me a call, and we'll find the perfect product for your needs!

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Jeff Andrews wrote on August 6
I value directness and conciseness. I told Chuck what I needed, asked a couple of questions and within three minutes he had it in a shopping cart for me. All I had to do was enter my address and CC#. Customer service is a rare commodity in today's work world. Chuck and Crutchfield know how to do it well. Thanks, Chuck.

Denyse Prendergast wrote on August 3
As a senior citizen with very limited technical knowledge, I was very impressed with the assistance I received from Chuck. He explored my needs, asking questions and offering options that I wasn't even aware of, and made sure that I was purchasing exactly the compatible model that I needed. This was the first time I have ordered from Crutchfield, and it won't be the last; I was pleasantly impressed. I would recommend Chuck without reservation for his product knowledge, his thoroughness and his patience.

Kevin wrote on April 28
Chuck answered my most important question when buying an AV receiver. It was an answer I could not find elsewhere online. Because of his help, I was able to purchase the best AV receiver for me needs. And of course I got a great price from Crutchfield.

2-D wrote on February 10
very knowledable about the sub setup i am going to install in my car. helped me cement the choice i had made about the speakers and amp. i cant wait to hear how they will sound, thanks for the help

Steve wrote on October 11
I asked Chuck to get me a head unit based on some tough options but, never said anything about cost. Chuck came up with a sweet deal on a KD-AHD69 that does everything I ask and was on sale plus a few extra goodies.. (meaning that Chuck didn't promote the most expensive) Install went "ok" but, the unit is great ! Thanks Chuck !

Dragos Bonica wrote on March 10
I like the professionalism that Chuck exhibited from the moment he set his fingers on the keyboard to reply to my nagging questions :) In a fast NYC life where commercialism, too many work hours accelerate life beyond an enjoyable point, it's easy to loose good service, and even attention to details. Well, Mr. Chuck proved he is not a New Yorker, but a Crutchfield professional :) It felt good to see that somebody listens and tries hard to cover & finalize everything that the customer is looking for. Thank you, Chuck!


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