Hi, I've been with Crutchfield since the mid 80's and have really enjoyed working with electronics. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my family.  If I have time left after family and work, then I'm on the golf course chasing the white ball around. Of course, if Virginia Tech is playing then I'm in front of my HDTV watching them. 

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KC wrote on January 23
Skip is the man. This guy is the epitome of customer service. His gentle and effective questioning helped uncover exactly what I needed to order, and I had called with absolutely no clue as to what I should get. Super nice guy, I'll always order from him.

Ryan wrote on March 8
Skip you are great! You helped me with my car-stereo system. I appreciate your knowledge and guidance!! Thank you.

Bill Scheer wrote on August 10
Skip was really a great help with his knowledge of the camera I purchased from Crutchfield. He also assisted me with my purchase. Not only is Crutchfield a number 1 company but hire real professional people.


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My credentials

  • Managed an electronic rent-to-own store
  • Became an advisor in 1988
  • Became a Supervisor in 1990
Certifications and specialties
In-house product training
  • 13 weeks of classroom and hands-on installation training before taking calls
  • Ongoing training on new products and technologies