I think it's natural that I sell gear for listening to music. My dad was a DJ and three of uncles were DJs. We always had music playing in the house. In the morning it was classic country like George Jones and Patsy Cline, in the evenings it was rock and roll except on Sundays when it was gospel. I remember how great it was to get my first portable eight track player. What a great idea it was to be able to take your music anywhere, but it was lousy when the song changed in the middle of the track. Kids you will have to get your parents to explain this one. Now I work at Crutchfield and I get to play with all the coolest toys. It is great time to be a music lover!

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Brian Vance wrote on November 20
I knew running the backup camera cable from the back to the front of our 2009 Dodge Journey would be the hardest part of the install. With all the documentation Levi provided the job was made much easier. We are enjoying our Pioneer 4000NEX very much.

Richard wrote on March 5
I spoke with a very knowledgeable crutchfield advisor named Levi. He did a great job in helping me compare two different speaker models made from the same company. He was honest, and wasn't pushy at all about trying to make a sale on the more expensive item. Honesty like this can only create repeat business. Please applaud this gentleman for me and give him my thanks for doing such a great job.

Roy Keeton wrote on January 8
Levi was very helpful and informative on my purchase, He answered all questions i had without any hesitation. Thank You for your help and i will continue to order from crutchfield in the future.

Darren wrote on February 24
I was in the market for a Sirus Xm Satellite Radio for my 2003 Ford F150 and was assigned to Levi when i logged on. Levi was very patient and knowledge able and listened to my questions and concerns, I will definetly use levi again as my advisor. Thanks Levi

Natasha wrote on December 23
Levi was awesome helping me get a new LED TV ordered. He even reminded me about a 20$ Credit on my account from a year ago and he applied to the TV order. I even got a thank you card in the mail, granted from Crutchfield PR C/S, but still this kind of Custom Service is not too common in the Retail World - I know, I have been in it myself for some time now as Managerial Staff. I was welcomed by Levi and felt appreciated not only by him, but by Crutchfield themselves, and with ONLY a FEW orders through them too.

Steve wrote on March 12
I'm glad I decided to order through Crutchfield and Levi was extremely helpful in every aspect of getting to know what I was looking for and providing me several options to choose from. He helped with with a complex order that included HDTV, surround sound, electronic components, and digital cameras. He did not rush my order at all and spent probably a good 45-60min on the phone with me until I felt completely comfortable and confident with everything on my order. He also was very good at keeping my whole order to the budget range I wanted. Levi is now my Crutchfield advisor for any future orders! Thanks Levi!

Mike Malone wrote on January 22
I installed my new Sony CDX-GT540UI today that you recamended, The instuctions were Great, the sound is wonderfull! I Love it, now I can really appreciate the speakers I got from yous last year! Everytime I deal with Crutchfield it turns out Great!! Thanks Again! Michael Malone

Michael Malone wrote on January 20
Levi gave me the advice I have come to expect when calling Crutchfield, and made choosing my new car radio much easier. Thanks Levi

Fred J Neslage wrote on March 14
Levi is my go to guy, for all my electronic needs from TV's to Telephones. I really enjoy his enthusiam. He knows all the products Crutchfield offers and takes all the guesswork out of making a purchase. I can tell he really enjoys his job and helping his customers.


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