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Crutchfield Advisor since 1998 - Home Audio/Video & Hi-Fi Specialist

Need help with computer audio?

Looking to add a DAC to your existing system?

Trying to decide between a home theater or hi-fi set-up?

Did you know you can have both in the same room?

We have solutions for nearly every budget. We can keep it simple or help you go all out. At one point, my home theater "receiver" was the combination of eight separate devices: (1) analog pre-amp, (2) digital surround sound decoders, (5) monoblock amplifiers - and a whole mess of RCA cables. Now my "pre/pro" is a Denon receiver, and I just use the amps to power my towers - two per speaker, of course.

Did I mention how much I like this stuff?

Call me. I can help.

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Mark M. Long Island NY wrote on August 19
Let me start of by saying that I am in sales, I am what you would call a "solution sales" person - not your typical walk onto the car lot churn and burn kinda guy. A solution sales person has a certain type of selling style, no pressure, solve the problem and the sale will come. That being said I know how important it is to get a sale but I also understand how important it is to provide the right level of service and support my clients demand. I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Clarence last week. My order totaled under $150 while I am sure there were calls ringing in for hundreds more. Clarence was focused on my need for inexpensive, quality speakers to upgrade my F-150's stock speakers. He was very clear and concise on all of his suggestions ALWAYS staying within my budget boundaries. He could have went in for the kill (I.E. PC Richards, Best Buy and all the other Electronic giant sales folks) and suggested higher priced items knocking my budget mindedness, but knowing he will eventually solve all of my car audio needs he used his expertise to make the appropriate suggestions and I cannot be happier with the service and my purchase. Crutchfield as a company has always given top notch service and support and my recent experience has made me realize why buying from you and Clarence of course makes every purchase that much more satisfying. I also want to say that I have had great support from Tyler and Wayne in tech support. They could not have fulfilled my expectations better. Thank you guys - It's been years since I was in High School looking for the best "System" but I will tell you that I purchased from Crutchfield then and I will continue to do so now!!!!

Bill Woodward wrote on June 19
Clarence is both knowledgeable and quite helpful with my questions regarding my order for an HD TV. Thanks Clarence!

Matthew Hoffman wrote on June 11
Clarence took lots of time with me on the phone answering all my questions about the TVs before I bought anything from Crutchfield. I am so glad I ordered my TV from Crutchfield. Just awesome service and awesome support when you need it. I was really surprised how fast I recieved my item. I would not give up this TV at all it is just great and the picture is awesome. Clarence was right and honest with me on all the items he sold me. I would always by from Crutchfield from now on if I would need anything else that they sell. Thanks Clarence for all your information that I needed to buy my TV and be a happy customer. Thank you again


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